If you're not vaccinated against COVID-19, Euthanasia Association won't help you die

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So if you are’t vaccinated against COVID-19 you need to kill yourself.

Did I sum that up right?


Death cultists are the last people who deserve an easy death.


Getting vaccinated is just as much about protecting others as it is about protecting yourself.


So has Covid-19 somehow morphed into a part of a Catch-22 scenario?

Well, at this point, it might help the rest of us, but there’s always the option of actually getting vaccinated. :man_shrugging:

I want to post a bitter joke about how if you won’t get vaccinated, you don’t need the help to die the way you chose.

But honestly, god is it sad things have come to this. This is maybe the first pandemic in history we went into knowing everything we need to do. It started in China and you can see how fast they stamped it out. And here we are approaching the end of the second year, and entirely through human venality, selfishness, and the resulting confusion, we are at the point where people have to be told it’s just not safe to ease their dying.


Well, you need to kill yourself yourself. They won’t help.

At first I wasn’t sure if it was a “carrot” (Hey, guys, if you get vaccinated… as a bonus… we’ll help you kill yourself!) or a “stick” (People, if you dont get vaccinated, we won’t help you kill yourself— when you get Covid and want to die because of it). I think it’s more of a stick, but not to punish the anti-vaxxers, as such: it’s just to protect the EA employees from the potentially contagious anti-vaxxers.


I get why but if someone is terminal getting a vaccine with possible side effects that could worsen what ever illness they have might not be the best thing to make their remaining days comfortable. So hopefully there are exceptions for those situations. Or people that are willing to help them despite the danger.

Yeah, and as sarcastic and bitter as I am about most things, when asked how much the needle hurt, or if I had side effects I try to be as gentle and honest about those answers as I can because there is a real chance people asking those questions are legit attempting to be talked into getting a vaccine. It may be many months past when they should have, but likely not too late yet.

(and my answers to those two questions are: “it was the least noticeable jab ever, the original I didn’t feel at all, and the booster I could barely feel”, and “I might have been a little tireder for a day or two, and I might have had a mild headache, but honestly those things happen to me from time to time, so they also could have had nothing at all to do with the vaccine”)

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I went with the bitter joke. I think that makes you the better person.


Same. Had it three times. Did not feel a thing each time. And each time, I was grateful for the side effects because that’s how (in my mind) I knew I had received an actual dosage, it was working, and I was safe.

If you are apprehensive about needles, and go to the dentist: I get it. They say “This might be a pinch” and they inflict unending torment the likes of which make you pray for the sweet, sweet embrace of Death, and with it, Hell’s fury, which would be a relief in comparison. Meanwhile, this vaccination jab isn’t even a “pinch”, it’s nothing.


It’s a bit more complex then that1).

  • “active” aka killing upon request: illegal

  • “passive” by reducing or stopping life-sustaining measures for patiens beyond recovery: legal - if the patient has stated that is what they want. (Ideally by having signed a directive to that effect in advance. Otherwise it can get complicated and the decision might or might not lie in the hands of a spouse or other relatives.)

  • “indirect” by giving liberal amounts of painkillers / medication that dims the patient’s consciousness: legal. An advance health care directive is very helpful here as well.

  • “assisted suicide”: legal-ish.
    The problem here is that the current legislation (§ 217 StGB) needs an overhaul. Right now it is void due to a 2020 ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court. As suicide is legal, assisting isn’t illegal as such. The Bundesärztekammer (federal licensing authority for physicians) has amended their Rules of Professional Practice to allow doctors assisting (including a right to refuse). But as long as the criminal code hasn’t been amended… Something that should be a priority for the incoming new administration, if you ask me.

§§ 216, 217 StGB:

1) As it damn well should be, given our past.

As to the statement by the Verein Sterbehilfe:
They advise people on their options regarding ending their lives in a dignified and self-determined way (what is what, how to draft an advance health care directive that can’t be disputed, and so on). They think that something like this is best done in personal talks.
As they have an obligation not to endanger the health of their consultants (usually people working in some medical profession or other), for the time being they will only consult persons who are either fully vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19.


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