"I'm the most bullied person in the world" claims woman who married giant orange bully


… This is Donald Trump we are talking about, not Lex Luthor. “All the power in the world,” but he can’t read above a third grade level?

Add to that, all of the people who have been shitting in his Cheerios since he started the campaign for President are still here, laughing at everything he’s failing to accomplish, fucking with him at every opportunity, and he can’t do anything about them (so far). But he can keep Melania in her place?

Are you saying she’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? His reach extends to every corner of the earth, and yet he’s embarrassing himself on a weekly basis?

His own hair already tried to leave him.

She is in this because it’s where she wants to be. If she wanted to be out, she would be out. As @gracchus pointed out; she has means available to her that most people in horrible relationships would give a significant part of their body to have just a sliver of.


I don’t get it. Most of the heckling is towards Donald or his deadbeat cronies. She hardly ever makes the news! I mean this bullying comment will be like a fart in the wind by tomorrow when the next big scandal erupts.


Some people spend their whole lives homeless, destitute, and/or dying of cancer. Melania has lived half her adult life in luxury. Thanks to a career in modeling. To me, falling from that position is just karmic balance. I’ll never have sympathy for her, unless perhaps she really uses her position of privilege to effect meaningful change for victims of actual bullying.


I have no fucks to give. Please remember this -


Has she ever done anything worthwhile for another human?



Didn’t think so. The pot is black.


She could lose custody of her son and be attacked in countless other horrible and demeaning ways. Her parents could get deported or jailed. They only just became American citizens. You see how much Trump respects citizenship. I don’t know why you can not see the power differential.


I could say I’m the most bullied person on the world

And I could say hot, young co-eds absolutely love beer-bellied, middle-aged, bald men.

What was your point, again, Melania?


Stephen Miller visits her in the night…



The most important piece of this witless, vile person’s little verbal contribution to the buttressing of The Orange One’s strategy of confounding the institution of knowledge by Flooding the Media with Shit is this:

She told sex abuse victims not to report a crime unless they had hard corroborating evidence.

The First Lady said that.

The GOP. Needs a cleanse. A colinic.

Melania either needs rescuing or deporting. Send her to the UK, where they have recently started issuing Unexplained Wealth Orders.


Great Anti-bullying message: Shut up and put up or we’ll shaft you ourselves. Oh Melania such a valiant warrior for the downtrodden. I take back my hypothetical sympathy. She can hang for all I care. It’s the problem with being a bleeding heart type you know, I keep forgetting that some people really aren’t worth it.


Wait, doesn’t the headline support her claim?


People who are bullied, in any normal traditional sense, are people who have no power. Is she admitting she has no power? So then I guess she means she’s being bullied by her husband?


Hätte hätte Fahrradkette.

You are engaging in far too many hypotheticals. This Slovenian ex model is just not used to people who aren’t sycophants. Or easily manipulated buffoons like her husband.


Trump is always worse than you think. Rise, repeat.


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