In 1944 hysteria swept Mattoon, Illinois, as residents reported a paralyzing gas being sprayed into their bedrooms

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a paralyzing gas being sprayed into their bedrooms

Mysteriously that happens after the enjoyment of tacos in my very own bedroom.




If the events happened as described I would just assume it was some sort of military/government type operation.

This is literally the kind of shit they do.


In high school I was told that Satanists were using D&D to indoctrinate us into joining their child-molestation murder cults.

Last month we had an election where half the country imagined that for the last eight years they were suffering under an oppressive Muslim dictator from Africa who had taken away our guns and was locking 'murcans in FEMA concentration camps to turn them into gay abortionists.

The more things change…


i know! i’m pretty sure i saw one of those x-files documentaries on this.

Just in case you’re poking holes in my position you should look in to the numerous incidents of the US government (military as well as state department) gassing people without telling them and recording the results.

They’ve done it to US citizens a few times that we know of (San Francisco for decades and the NY subway system are a couple easily verified examples) and overseas to foreign allies as well (operation Sea Spray). The CIA admitted to helping Hussein plan his strategy for gassing Kurds; where do you think US specialists learn how to gas civilian populaces considering we don’t officially use or experiment with them?

If you can imagine an evil then that evil exists.

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operations lac and sea spray are fascinating. thanks for the info.

while i find the details there completely credible – and definitely was taken aback by them – i still have a very hard time believing a lone mysterious figure was running from house to house in the dark, spraying people through keyholes, ( playing cher songs? :wink: ), and then vanishing into thin air despite large police and community patrols.

i find it much easier to believe that the nearby chemical plant was emitting vapors, some people were sickened, and other people were panicked.

as far as this thing happening twice in different spots across the country. i also believe in coincidence. if sometimes two of the same strange things did not happen, we would have a very odd world indeed.


Came here to post this, was not disappointed to be beaten to it.

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Oh, Grandpa!

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That is the worst version of Rule 34 I have ever heard.

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