In her new book, JK Rowling continues with the transphobia

You said it far more succinctly than I did! :grin:


You have to separate the author from the work, specially someone that has been blatantly manipulating public opinion to make more money

Until recently when the mask has fallen, she has used twitter to pander to everybody but keeping the books conveniently sanitised. She had no problem in proclaiming Dumbledore as gay in twitter but when to extreme lengths to ensure none of that went into the books of films as she (maybe correctly) thought it could damage the bottom line

If you enjoy the books, all power to you, but don’t take the author’s personal political opinions to heart

JK Rowling is not a saint, and she doesn’t have to be. We need to grow a bit of muscle in the brain and make our own opinions and not follow people that don’t deserve it

She is actively putting out harmful lies about trans people. That is not her work. That is what SHE is doing, right now, as an individual with a HUGE following on social media. She is putting people in harm’s way by her action. This has nothing to do with HP or her fiction. It has to do with her ACTIONS right now.

Also, calling people stupid because they give a shit about their fellow man… WTF, dude? Really? Fucking really? I’m making a judgement here, and it’s that Rowling is putting people in harm’s way by her actions. If I’m “stupid” for caring about translives, well, then I guess I’ll wear that with pride. I’ll happily be stupid and support people who are vulnerable and marginalized, because its’ actually the right thing to do, even if that makes me stupid.


Occam’s Razor in the Potterverse:

When you hear hoofbeats, think centaurs, not horses.

Of course you can’t forget the hippogriffs and thestrals either.


Wow… it’s like you just posted your two cents without actually reading ANY of the rest of the thread.

Ignoring people who actively spread hatred doesn’t make them “just go away.”


If the author has a specific political agenda they’re trying to implement in the real world through their work - there’s an identity between the author and the work.


You really don’t though.


That seems to say a lot to me about the transphobes themselves.


Or we simply don’t know. I was AMAB, but never really felt male. When I would talk with trans (but binary) friends about their experiences, we’d have lots of common elements up to certain points, but we’d diverge at some points and I’d come away confused as I still didn’t feel male, but also didn’t seem to be transfeminine. About 6 years ago, I finally met some nonbinary people and things started to make a lot more sense!


Same thing happened to me :slight_smile:


I will say that I know. There were tons of societal pressure to try to turn my gender identity - it really didn’t work.


Obviously a poor choice of words on my part. Noted and I apologize.


This! Feminism needs to answer for our growing TERF element. People like Rowling don’t spring forth from a vacuum. Her behavior has been encouraged along the way.

Also fuck you JK Rowling. Anyone who defends her is not paying attention to the many hundreds of transphobic things she has written very publicly. When challenged, she digs in and doubles down. She’s a fucking monster using her billions of dollars to punch down, and it’s gonna get people killed. Fuck you.


Thanks for the Pro Tip. It feels good to always be learning and growing as a human being :wink:


No problem. Thanks for taking it as a helpful hint and not a slapdown.


Nah. I may be an asshole, but I want to be an asshole for the right reasons lol


Worth noting when certain authors raise sexual assault “concerns”.


Maybe I’m just getting old, and running out of fucks to give, but I still have no idea why anyone bothers to give a rat’s ass about things that don’t involve or affect them.

You’re trans? I hope you’re safe, happy, and at a good place in your life. Hopefully it wasn’t too rough getting there.

You’re gay. Pretty much the same.

You’re a member of an oppressed ethnic or religious minority? Same.

You’re a rando straight white guy? Same well wishes.

It’s probably the easiest thing to decide not to give a shit, and that it’s not your business, when it’s not your business, and you giving a shit doesn’t actually help make the situation better for someone else.

If you’re hurting someone else, then I give a shit, and you can go to all the hells, but if not… meh.

It’s like when the repubs were fantasizing about all sorts of weird and unlikely outcomes when the discussion of trans people using the same bathrooms came up. So much energy and weird projection when the most likely outcome is just that another human will be able to comfortably void their waste.

People fucking suck. There. There goes my last fuck to give.


Nobody expects Rowling to be a saint. We’d just like her to not be actively harmful towards trans people.