In her new book, JK Rowling continues with the transphobia

Okay, how many of the people repeating this have actually read the book all the way through?
If you have, you have the right to an opinion.
If you haven’t you’re no better than a MAGAT saying that is evil.

Don’t like the comparison? Don’t live it.

I haven’t read it. I don’t have the right to an opinion about it.

I don’t have to talk to, read, or be involved with something or someone to form an opinion. I can apply weight to the opinions of those I respect who have done so to draw weight from in formulating my opinion. As a skeptical, receptive person, all of my opinions should be fluid and subject to change with the more I learn, including from personal experience.

Suggesting someone has to have personally experienced something is a dangerous precedent, and worse, that very tactic is very often used to disenfranchise and marginalize others: ”I have never seen soandso behave inappropriately towards women, the allegations towards them are clearly false.”


I am honestly saddened to see this from you.

Do you read every anti-semitic book before condemning the author, or do you realise that there is other evidence of the authors antisemitism (or not if that is the case)?

JK has written enough over the past years to confirm her transphobia, and she is doubling down on it now. The book doesn’t make a difference, it is just more evidence.

Yesterday you wrote in another topic

Trans people have been screaming that “it’s about to happen again” for at least the last five years, especially the ones who have studied the history of Magnus Hirschfeld, the Institut fur Sexualwissenschaft and how all the early research into transgender that they made was set on fire on 10th May 1933 but the records of patients was kept by the Gestapo.

We either stand together or we go down separately. What’s it going to be?


to quote george bernard shaw (maybe)-- “i don’t have to eat a whole egg to know it is bad,”

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Once again, you manage to put this in the starkest and most accurate of terms. It’s always a privilege to read what you have to say. Thanks for that.


I’ve read (and linked to) excerpts. I’ve read reviews of the book that discuss the plot. And I also know about Rowling’s very non-fictional TERF views. Put together, that’s more than sufficient for me to render a conclusion on what’s going on here without having read the book all the way through.

Seriously, have you read Mein Kampf all the way through?* How about (if you want to make a distinction between non-fiction and fiction) The Turner Diaries? If not, do you think you have the right to register your opinion on these influential works of bigotry?

I haven’t read Ben Shapiro’s racist action potboiler, but listening to the Behind the Bastards podcast’s semi-regular recap of the plot (complete with excerpts and references to his other statements) I feel confident in saying that Shapiro exposes himself via the novel as a dumpster fire of bigotry, self-loathing, and ignorance (not to mention being a talentless writer). Am I being as unfair to him as you say we are to Rowling?

This is not the same situation as the Qanon idiots calling for a ban on “Cuties”. It’s clear that not only did they not see the film, but also that they didn’t read any reviews, read of any interviews with its creators, read any reactions by women who were abused as children, or watch any clips. They’re just following the lead of right-wing extremist opportunists who seized on a poor marketing decision by Netflix in the secure knowledge that they never do their homework and have great difficulty thinking critically.

[* I haven’t. It quickly becomes a slog through a toxic swamp and you get the idea pretty quickly]


Sure, I see him as comparable but JK has had a far greater impact worldwide.

Like I said earlier in the thread