In Jeffrey Epstein case, US prosecutors seek a second British woman: Emmy Tayler

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44-year-old actress Emmy Tayler lives in Oxford, UK

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So basically, the only people who will be brought to justice will be women. Why does that not surprise me?


Same as it ever was. Though maybe some dudes will get theirs, too. There must have been more than these two women involved in the process, and hopefully the men who, you know, actually abused the children along with Epstein will get outed. (Though I have less hope of that, as they’re rich and powerful.)


Yes, the Women are always the scapegoats, always. WTF! As if you couldn’t hate that scumbag Epstein enough, he is screwing people from the grave.


Here’s how I hope it goes: get the madams to realize that they face a lot of prison time. Let them strike a deal for probation in exchange for real evidence against the johns. Then nail the johns. Otherwise, there’s not many ways to get evidence against the perps. Glad Jeff’s island was raided. I hope they got some info there.


How many burger joints are there in the world?

Do you think she can be found at a Wimpy in Oxford?

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