In LA, 18 Sheriff's officials charged with abuse, obstruction of justice


Throw a few more Bad Apples in the canyon. Whew! Starting to fill up in there.

I agree with your analysis, Xeni, as to what got the ball rolling on the investigation.


You said it, Xeni.

it’s been said here over and over. but bears restating “if there were good police, there would not be bad police”


I’ve been following this as a subscriber to the paper. Let this be a reminder to people the importance of investigative journalism.


And a reminder to the media as well…


aka real journalism

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In addition, the indictment says, sheriff’s officials confronted one of the lead FBI agents outside her home

Wow, they went to the home of an FBI agent? Yeah, make it personal with the FBI. Good plan.


I get the impression that somebody has been a big fish in a small pond for long enough to forget the ‘in a small pond’ half of the phrase…

It isn’t exactly news that sheriff’s departments are a…deeply under-supervised… aspect of the criminal justice system; but merely almost never being subjected to relevant laws isn’t quite the same as actually having legal impunity. If you do piss off the feds (and getting uppity with the FBI and embarassing the State Department by harassing diplomats would definitely qualify) there is more than enough on the books for them to go after you with.


I have read a few good pieces like this lately that shine a bright light on abuses of power. I hope to see more journalism like this in the future. Well done LA times. (MPR did a great series on the Archdiocese too:

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That other stuff isn’t journalism at all, just entertainment that sort of looks like it is being perpetrated by journalists.

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These people are dipshits, clearly.

US jails and prisons are horrible places. We have even accepted as a society that rape will occur in prisons. Why is this acceptable?

While prison should probably be a place for rehabilitation, at the moment they are places for punishment. Once you have a place that is expressly made for punishment, it’s not a huge leap to start making sure it is as terrible a place as possible in every way, which is where we seem to be now.

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