In nightmare video, ski lift riders blasted with ice cold water at North Carolina resort

Looks to me like the spray is much too powerful for that. Unless you want to join someone up on the ski lift.


Watching that video, my more pressing thought was, “why the fuck aren’t they radioing the lift operators to move this shit 2 feet in either direction?!?” Seriously, 30 seconds would’ve been too long, but they sat there for entire minutes!
This is a glaring example of a systemic failure on so many levels.
And then they leave the poor, battered victim of the worst of it to freeze in their chairlift for way too long after clearing the person from the blast. :cold_face:


Guessing that everyone who jumped off the lift is denied a new punch on their lift ticket.

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As much fun as it would be to put “Yakkity-Sax” behind such a venture, I’m just looking for maybe a 10-degree deflection.


Roger that. Thanks much :slight_smile:

The real take-away, I think.

We’ve got one in Kenosha County, Wisconsin – Wilmot Mountain. We’re not exactly known for our tall, steep mountains in this state! I can’t say anything about the quality of the skiing there, as I’ve only driven past it.

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