Inateck portable bluetooth speaker


PC load letter - wtf does THAT mean?

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Came here for the Office Space reference. Was not disappointed.

Honest question, because I don’t know: if the iPad is going to be attached to the speakers anyway, why make it Bluetooth? Isn’t it just going to drain the battery much faster? Does Bluetooth have higher bandwidth than the iPad’s jack or lightning attachment?

Judging by similar products I’ve used, it’s a matter of extra functionality.

It allows the user to ignore the ‘dock’ part and just use it as wireless speakers for their ipad, phone, or any other bluetoothy audio outputting doodad.

I’m not bothering to check the specs to see if ‘dock mode’ actually needs bluetooth, but I’m guessing not. And even if it increased battery drain, well, it’s a charger as well isn’t it?

No, it needed to be charged, which is why I asked.

But if it’s BT low energy, it probably isn’t consuming a lot, it’s true.

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