Incredible: Watch a woman nonchalantly step aside as out-of-control car barrels toward her

It’s not the car that’s out of control, it’s the driver.


Yes, like…every freaking example of this kind of video, ever. It’s always a phone video of a security cam. Why would they fake it?


You should write motivational quotes for remedial Drivers’ Ed classes.


Woman, a touch puzzled: “That isn’t right.”

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Indeed. And even more illusory for lunkheads who I’ve seen driving fast on streets covered with wet leaves.

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I wouldn’t say so. Once traction is lost, the ‘driver’ is just a passenger.


The way those poles sheared off is fishy. The pole at the my street gets hit at least once every winter by much larger vehicles and It’s never sheared off like that. Also, the wires should have held the top more or less in place whole the bottom swung away causing the pole to topple in the opposite direction.

They’re not utility poles though, they seem like some kind of pipes sticking out of the ground. The one on the left kind of looks like it has a cap on it or something.

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And the crowd roared “Olé”


I live in Shanghai and avoiding cars doing stupid things is a daily occurrence. Looking at her response to a vehicle doing something idiotic, she must be Chinese. The Chinese have mastered this ability. (I am getting better at it but still can’t cross a road without making eye contact with every driver and watching everything. The locals just stroll across. )

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even without ice as a factor if you drop something and it jams under your brake peddle, that would be “partially controlled while under duress” so “out of control” is what most humans would gravitate to.

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phone cams of security cams are prob the fastest way to make this kinda thing go viral. I would think someone with access to the proper cams would not have time or a boss that would be happy with it if they downloaded it or forwarded to their own e-mail.

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as gotten off the original post at liveleak. damn I had forgotten they existed. they are what Ogrish turned into when they wanted to get legit and get advertisers I think (I forget for sure though)

Oh fair point. If the actual controls fail, well, like it says on the tin.

I see the cap, now.

Brake lights were on the entire time, as well as the reversing lights. I suspect this was someone with winter boots hitting both pedals and without the presence of mind to disengage reversing. If it’s a stick shift the gear should come off even without pushing the clutch, but I have never driven an automatic and maybe it’s not the same in that case?

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reminded me this incredible video:

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