Indianapolis cop charged with battery after stamping on handcuffed suspect's face

Gah! Fuck!
If he “accidentally” stomped the guy’s face while trying to place his foot on guy’s shoulder*, kind of weird that he didn’t then place his foot on guy’s shoulder.

*Narrator: that isn’t what happened at all.


Pigs is Pigs.

It would be good to stop using the word “suspect”. It’s a copaganda term designed to otherise - to taint our view of - people who have not been convicted of a crime (entirely on the word of cops, a group that we know can’t be trusted)

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Of course, if one of us gently placed our foot on a law enforcement officer’s shoulder, we’d certainly be lucky if we were only charged with “battery” even if we never went anywhere near his face


This lack of policy about police being fired, then being able to get hired in another district immediately, is so frustrating. It wouldn’t take much to fire up a data base, but obviously protecting their “brothers in blue” is much more the priority than protecting the citizens who depend on the police/sheriff for protection.

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