IndiGo plane catches fire during takeoff, footage caught by passenger (video)

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That’s a hard Nope. Lotsa fuel above that fire.


The pilot informed us there was some malfunction with the engine

Yes. It was ON FIRE.


“Well there’s your problem.”

I am glad it wasn’t worse!

If it happened in the air, they would be ok as it can fly with one engine down,but still scary stuff.


“Engine-rich exhaust.”


Value added service.


Scary stuff especially during rollout and takeoff. Fortunately they were able to reject the takeoff below V1 and shutdown the fuel supply before the fire got out of hand. If I were to guess it was probably a compressor stall due to a bird strike.

As usual, Mentour Pilot has a great overview on what happened and why (described as an engine surge) - INCIDENT: Indigo A320 Engine Failure - Mentour Pilot. In spite of the scary looking video, there was no emergency evacuation and everybody got off safely.

There was no evacuation. The aircraft started moving again, vacating the runway safely, and taxied to a remote stand. Everyone then disembarked using airstairs, without further incident.

He also has great videos on how pilots handle rejected takeoffs and engine failure after takeoff I love the fact that there’s very rarely a situation that most commercial pilots don’t train for in the simulator.

Skip to ~9:45 mins for his step by step walkthrough of what’s going on inside the cockpit as pilots go through the fire engine shutdown procedure.


The fire is supposed to stay inside the engine!

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