Industrial I used to like now sounds like pop to me


It’s going to take a whole week for me to get that out of my head.



Ok that has me in stitches heheh

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Minstry’s “You Know What You Are” still sounds brutal 31 years later. And then Al became a run-of-the-mill, cheesy metal band.



@Mindysan33 - They done asked for it…



I get the same effect with…

I still like it OK as pop though.



Punk AF



“Excuse me. What aisle do you keep the model glue? Oh…I will also need a brown paper bag”



My gf at the time LOVED that album. I would sing along: “Terrible SONG! Terrible SONG!”

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Agreed. I’ve seen the Aquabats twice. Once in an insanely small venue. It was packed. that was my oldest daughter’s first time seeing them. She got her shirt signed. They were awesome. And I’ll always love ska. I regret never getting the chance to see the Dance Hall Crashers.

I was thinking the same thing. The question also isn’t just how does it sound, but how does it make you feel? “Head Like a Hole” can always make me move, and want to break things. Mostly capitalism.

God money’s not looking for the cure.
God money’s not concerned with the sick among the pure.
God money let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruised.
God money’s not one to choose



True story, one time I was hanging out on the street, chilling, and some friends of mine who were punks and skinheads came by and asked if I wanted to go bowling… so onetime some skinheads took ME bowling!



Rollins era Black Flag still holds up (never cared for Keith Morris, in flag or Circle Jerks), Damaged is as close to a punk masterpiece as it is possible to imagine IMHO. Granted, I’m not angry enough to listen to it very often anymore.

In recent years I’ve liked Les Savvy Fav’s first couple records and The Mae Shi for sheer, fuck-you-if-you-can’t-take-it aural assault.

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Sometimes, for no reason, 7 Words gets stuck in my head. But my faves from that album is without a doubt 10 ground and down and I Can Do No wrong!

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Sounds like Quake to me :wink:



This is why seeing bands live is so important.
I go to a lot of shows, and have since I was a kid - first one in 1980.
I saw NIN in 1994 -
Marilyn Manson and Jim Rose Circus opened.
I’ve probably been to close to 1000 shows since 1980 and that is one that stuck in my head. I was up front and the crowd was insane. NIN played loud as hell and they most certainly did NOT sound pop-like.
Another band that really sounds different live and in person is RHCP. Much more raw and they also play very loud.
Totally random, but since we’re reminiscing, one of my favorite live records of all time. Saw them open for Bowie earlier in the year this was recorded -



I was just commenting something to this effect a few months ago here. In short, when Head Like a Hole came out I saw it as a pivot in industrial music towards becoming mainstream. At the time someone asked me what I thought of the album and my first thought was it sounded like Reznor recorded a traditional pop album and then when done, swapped all the samples with industrial sounding samples. It wasn’t the first industrial music to use pop structure or to sound pretty but it was the first that sounded faux to me. I’ve really liked all of Reznor’s subsequent work so I guess that is better than having a great first album and then never being able to match it again.



To be quite fair, like William Shatner in TV land, Phil Collins is a work hound of the pop music industry.

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Uh, oh…

Well that doesn’t get old.




Can’t believe nobody’s mentioned Call Me A Hole yet



I thought it was just me…was listening to some Coil years ago and was thinking ‘this is basically pop music!’

Teenage Lightning, for instance. Sure the production is a bit way-off, but the samba beat, and the melody, beat and subject would totally work as a pop cover.