Inexpensive keyboard has two settings: “OFF” and “NO”


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“Use negative polarity only.”


The uprising begins…


it’s hinting that you don’t really wanna use that keyboard.


Wait, I’ve seen that before.


There’s your problem.


Inexpensive keyboard has two settings: “OFF” and “NO”


lol j/k I’m an unwed homosexual


Actually, it says “ON” and “ℲℲO.”

They were using Claudian Letters you see.


I was thinking maybe a keyboard for smashing the patriarchy? Pink being the color of pure coincidence, mind you.


So divorced, eh? Must have been bad if you swore off women too.


Where can I have a “NO” button installed.


Reminds me of our toaster oven at home which has a “Poewr” light.


When it burns out it will glow nevermore.


Whatever ones sexual orientation or marital state, wouldn’t the OFF/NO thing still apply? Hmm?



I had a tape measure with the brand name “Cepros Choi” It also didn’t match my other tapes by the time you got out to 10 feet–1/4" off.


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