Ingraham Urges GOP to brag about restricting women's rights


The Respect fot Marriage Act* codified the Loving & Obergefell decisions into law. But someone (& someone’s money) could still try and get that in front of the SCOTUS.

*(According to that Wiki article, a Gallup poll from 2021 said that acceptance of interracial marriage in the U.S. is 94%, and that it’s pretty much the same regardless of the U.S. region, including the South [I’ve anecdotally heard that being ascribed, in part, to more & more couples meeting in the U.S. military, then when they’re done they move back to one of their hometowns, where the bigoted uncles etc. just have to accept it or go pound sand]. Part of me thinks 94% seems high, while the other part is glad to see that it is that high. [& that’s without getting into how polls are conducted these days, when fewer people would answer a call from an unknown number] )