Inside the far-right, neo-Nazi festival scene in Europe

Originally published at: Inside the far-right, neo-Nazi festival scene in Europe | Boing Boing

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Have the fascists stopped trying to co-opt hardcore dance?

Probably not, but I can hope.


It’s pretty obvious who the attendees are going to blame for the high price of water and beer at these festivals


Racist rap music. Irony is dead.


So many fat white dudes. They should consider diversifying.


There was a time in Europe, within living memory, when shooting a nazi would earn you a medal.


One wonders just how many are Russian… :thinking:

At least the Asgardsrei festival in Kiev will not happen in the foreseeable future. I wonder how many of those European far-right extremists are currently fighting against Russia in the war. By the way, the first and shown at the beginning of the video, М8Л8ТХ, they came from Russia and now support Ukraine. That’s the grain of truth in Putin’s propaganda.

“We’re so evil even neo-nazis hate us” isn’t that great of a flex either, league of supervillans excluded.

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