Pop music's 1,264 micro genres




I listened to Chalga before it was cool.


I hate to be that person, but I can’t find bouncy techno or mákina in the list.


Chalga? Too mainstream. Now Turbofolk! That’s where it’s at. But not the mainstream version like Ceca, but old school Rambo amadeus! Yeah, that’s the shit!


Stop! you do not!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Taxonomy is always controversial.

"Generation Gap": Which Era Do YOU Fall Into?
The alignments of popular figures

There was never a time when Chalga wasn’t cool.

But that video! Is that a Dodge commercial?


doof-doof dance beats

Whatever, just gimme some of that old-timey oom-pah-pah.

Polka will never die!


I like the sound of Laboratorio. I mean, I already liked all that stuff individually, I don’t know that I would have classified it together as a genre but then I’m not the expert.


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