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Our fridge is actually across the kitchen from the sink, it has it’s own dedicated water line. So we’ll be installing and using the filter. But they aren’t too expensive and do a decent job. Not as good as the filter we will have under the sink or a RO filter. We do have good water from the city. Well filtered before it reaches us and the water softener.

It was such a a fraught decision. Not enough reliable information on models and too many models that just suck. We went with the one that had the fewest failure points but still had features we really wanted, like the cool air distribution, door alarm, and the drawer freezer. It was really nice we got it at a steep discount. The ease of cleaning was another big point. So many fridges had a ton of crevices


Same here.


10 years ago, when our fridge’s compressor went out, we couldn’t find anyone to repair it, so we had to replace it. We bought a Jenn-Air. We needed a counter-depth unit, so we were expecting to pay more; the Jenn-Air wasn’t too much more than the others, and we liked the fact that it wasn’t “smart” (all it has are an icemaker & water dispenser, with a water filter). It’s a french door unit, with the freezer on the bottom, and we chose the version that has the water dispenser inside the unit instead of taking up space on one of the doors. We’ve been very happy with it.


Makin’ do…


Took me a moment.

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Got a pillow to make working under the sink to install the new filter a bit less uncomfortable. Wouldn’t let the cats under there because we store all our chemicals. But the princess cat just had to supervise somehow…

ETA: install was pretty easy and went well. Water tastes great


Thanks for digging this up. We may be in the market.

Currently have a whole house water filter (water supply here = cistern, from rainwater collected off composite shingle roof).



I hit the fridge with a turkey baster – fixed it good!

I cleaned a hairball out of the duck bill valve at the back, then turkey bastered hot water in the front until the ice block melted. That should hold it for a while. The long-term solution would be to replace the duck bill valve with a small p-trap. That stops moisture from getting up into the freezer, but shouldn’t collect a clog.

Having ice cream now. (I had to test if the stuff relocated to the cooler stayed frozen.)


We chose to install 3 Mitsubishi ductless minisplits earlier this year. Our decision was based heavily on energy efficiency. All my previous experience with climate control in a residential space has been either using window-unit air conditioners, or HVAC systems (central heating and cooling, with a compressor outside and an air handler + ducts indoors).

One thing I am learning only now is how to clean and maintain these things. The unlovely smell from the one in our bedroom clearly is demanding the full tilt boogie on disassembly and cleaning. It’s way up high near the ceiling so I will need a ladder, our bed is very close to it so I will need to tarp (or double-tarp) the work area, and I will have to remember how it re-assembles after disassembling. I am now watching a lot of Youtube vids on how to clean these.

If any of you on this thread have had to clean the filter, squirrel cage fan, drain lines, and more, on you own minisplits, or own this Port-a-Blaster gizmo, please do chime in. I always want to know where the traps are, before I wade in.


Ah, that’s timely! One of the places I was looking at to buy has those rather than central A/C and I was wondering what they were.