Insiders claim Trump campaign staff "suicidal"


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Yesterday, an “intervention” was being plotted

That ship has sailed, long ago.


May everyone who lined up behind this sociopath see their political career go down in flames.


Is this a good time to talk about making critical thinking a thing we teach in schools? I think it can be bipartisan now.


If I had Trump’s campaign on my conscience, I’d have some pretty dark thoughts too.



But if we start teaching critical thinking before college, where are we going to get pools of people for all of the unskilled labor jobs that … … What? We’re in the 21st century? How did that happen?


Wow, is most of the GOP now finally figuring out that giving the nomination to the three-way love child of Benito Mussolini, the Annoying Orange and a racist relative’s Facebook feed is a very bad idea?


When you star at the abyss, the abyss stares back. And when you focus your party to pander to racists, eventually the racists take over.


Who wants to bet money that the last line of Trumps concession speech will be, “Now if you will excuse, I am going to go home and fuck my wife.”


Y’know, I’m no political genius, but if I was Paul Ryan and/or Reince Priebus, and Donald Trump came to me and said he wanted to run as a Republican, it seems like the right answer would’ve been “Well Donald, you used to be a Democrat, your personal beliefs seem to be far to the left of our platform, and you donated to Hillary Clinton. So, no. Not happening.”


I am not making light of suicide, but it may be the only honorable way out for them.


I’ll put money against you, solely because that sentence is too coherent.


All of these people telling Trump to straighten up and be a normal politician don’t get it. If he had ever done that he never would have gotten past the early primaries. Trump’s people should be telling Trump to keep being Trump. Possibly double down on the Trumpiness. He literally has nothing else to offer. Trump is talking to his supporters and for those people, being wildly un-politician like is a feature not a bug.

I don’t support Trump in the least but I understand his allure.


Well, that’s basically the final line in Clue. I think Trump’s competent enough to steal that.


When you’re too much for Manafort, you’re just too much.


I’d expect a non sequitur in the middle, but that’s a fair enough statement otherwise.


If they haven’t done it by now…


Get your liberal critical thinking out of here!! We don’t need that kind of thinking to make America white…um I mean…GREAT again!!\

–Trump supporter…maybe…


Parties as legitimate political actors in control of their own agenda unelected elites in smoke-filled rooms trampling all over the will of the people? What are you, some kind of European socialist?