'Intense protests' by COVID deniers halt Idaho health board meeting that sought to mandate masks as coronavirus rages in state

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There are currently about 500 covid patients hospitalized in Idaho. There 1000+ covid deaths will keep increasing rapidly. I get that they don’t care about people elsewhere getting sick, but how do they not see that their own neighbors are dying. Or do they really think wearing a mask is worse than death?


They’ve been brainwashed by right wing conspiracy theorists into rejecting all evidence that proves covid even exists.

They’ve been told, since January, by their own thought leaders, that COVID is nothing more than a flu.

And they believe if someone were so weak a flu killed them, then they deserved to die.


Yep. But you know what’s even worse? In the next breath, they’ll insist wearing a mask makes you 3x more likely to contract COVID, at the same time ^^’ . I’ve been through several versions of exactly that exchange.


Of course, surprising nobody, the Bundy clan is involved.


They are too self-centered to care about others. Only if they, themselves are affected do they care, and even then, some of them deny they are dying of covid.

They are also anti-science; well, anti-authority, government, etc. Libertarianism run amok.

Oh, yeah. Throw a scoop of Social Darwinism into the mix.

Oh, good grief!
Too bad not wearing masks affects everyone; otherwise, they should be allowed to go maskless, with the priviso that they have a big ‘X’ tattooed on their foreheads. When they show up for treatment of covid, they go to the back of the line.


Boise Police said on Twitter later Tuesday they asked the meeting to adjourn “in the interest of public safety.”

Where’s the tear gas / mace / rubber bullets / sound cannons / water cannons / batons for these protestors?


Yeah. I’ll bet a lot of these protestors showed up with ARs and backpacks full of who knows what kind of explosive devices. The police did a terrible job brutalizing the boogaloo boys they’re such good friends with.


What the fucking fuck is wrong with these people? On some intellectual level I know the answer - they’re committed Trumpers, and denying an obvious reality is a key part of buying into an authoritarian system. I still don’t get it on a visceral level, though.


CW: intense swearing

What the fuck is fucking wrong deep in the United States?! These fuckers are gonna fucking kill everyone because of their fucking deeply settled suicide cult mentality, and the authorities are no better than those fucking pieces of shit by letting them harass anyone who tries to save lives.
The fucking cherry on top is the fucking Ammon Bundy leading these fucking protest.



I’m stealing that to make a new exasperated FUCK! gif.




Just out of curiosity are there no people of color in Idaho? I was looking really hard and couldn’t spot one among the photos in the various tweets, not even among the Police. Then from some freak of irony the ad in the middle of the article was a login for iCombat showing an apparently Latinx woman aiming an M4(?) around a corner as if she was defending her house.



I was thinking the same damn thing? Where’s the riot shields and tear gas an rubber bullets and kettling? Is it because only “urban” police know how to do that shit? Or is there something else going on, where certain groups of Americans are allowed to terrorize police, but others are not.

Of all the things, this might piss me off the most.


Idaho doesn’t have many POC.

I’d guess American Indians are the biggest non-white demo. At least in Northern Idaho.

Last time we were in Idaho, my brother and his wife got approached by some skinheads who disapproved of them being a mixed race couple.

Nobody batted an eye. I’m glad it didn’t progress beyond intimidation and a bunch of degrading speech.

I’m not going to spend more time in Idaho without a gun. The Idaho relatives are constantly talking about how they think it’s so dangerous in the “big city” of Seattle. But I’ve never had a group of white supremacists in Seattle block my car to explain how it’s “against God’s plan” for a “white boy to marry a chinese”


https://worldpopulationreview.com/states/idaho-population 90.5% white. This tracks. From what I can tell Idaho is just the bad part of Oregon without anything that could be construed as the good part (at least Portland has good food.)


“First the government forces us to wear masks, next thing you know they’ll be forcing us to wear pants!”


Good, so we have taught them that if they throw a big enough tantrum, they will get their way. Good, this will go well.


I suspect it has more to do with “urban”…so to speak…protesters than with urban police forces.

I’m sure that there are some exceptions; but, especially with the flow of 1033 toys, some pretty teeny little departments have significant tacticool SWAT capabilities, if they choose to use them.

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