Introducing Oboy, an anti-antihero origin story

Originally published at: Introducing Oboy, an anti-antihero origin story | Boing Boing

I’ve always thought that if any given person could become invisible, they would immediately do two things:

  1. Try to make themselves rich using subterfuge
  2. Do something pervy

Sure, but there are almost no non-asshole applications for invisibility in real life. I mean maybe if you’re an assassin deployed against an unquestionably evil target like a terrorist holding school children hostage… but how often does that kind of situation actually come up?

Being invisible is kind of like being an opaque person sneaking around a home for the blind. It only gives you an advantage if you’re prepared to act like a dick.

This informal survey bears that out. Almost everyone who would choose invisibility over the ability to fly said they would immediately start stealing stuff.

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