iPhone IOS 14 lets you change the default browser and mail apps

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I can’t wait to hear the apple fanbois crow about how apple has been an innovator and market leader to have been the first mobile platform to allow other default browsers and mail clients.

Along with apple veing the first to allow widgets on the home screen. It’ll go along nicely with their false claims to the first smartphone, and first mouse.

You can practically set your apple watch (the first smartwatch) to it.


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Yeah, but…good? I mean I think it’s good.

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I wouldn’t know. I don’t buy tech as a status symbol. I buy it to perform its functions. Turns out there’s nothing an iPhone can do that an android can’t also do cheaper with better customization. Except perhaps signal that you can afford an iPhone like everyone else.


It’ll still be webkit-only, yes? So Safari, or derivative thereof.


It can run iOS.


My last phone was an android and it was fine, but my kid’s grandparents kept complaining that they couldn’t Facetime with their grandbaby like they could with their other grandbabies. Tried to have them use Skype, no go. Ultimately, it was easier to switch to an iphone for me. It is also fine.


You won’t find anyone in here claiming things like this. Your anger seems misplaced. Use whichever consumer electronics you prefer. :woman_shrugging:


And so can Android devices, using an iOS emulator.

For someone annoyed with other peoples’ zealotry, you stormed in here with an awful lot of hair-trigger zealotry.


Yeah, you’re right. At this point I’m just anti-apple. And I can’t give you a proper good reason either.


It’s been a rough year for everyone. :grinning:


's OK, man! If you need to pick on Apple, go ahead! I won’t defend a multinational! Get after it!


Frankly, I see more virtual signaling from non-apple users trying to make it clear how superior they are to apple users than vice versa.

I’ve managed the infrastructure of the 6th largest website in the world with a team of ops personnel all using apple laptops and ios devices at a non-profit org that prided itself on the use of open source. Why? Because they work, and they don’t have to fiddle with them because they already do that all day as their day jobs.

You know what else didn’t happen there? Holy wars about how horrible soandso was as a person because of their technology choices. Those that chose Android or a different laptop? No one said a word.


Yep. I’m cooling off on this one. Sorry to have been an asshole.


For anyone who began using Apple hardware anytime between about 1990 and 2006 or so, the sentiment is more akin to an underdog that always has to justify their devotion. The status symbol thing is definitely a newer phenomenon. But for me, the justification is easy:

I’m not picking on you and appreciate your ability to hear people and adapt your stance, but…

Or anything else that I constantly have to rebuild, patch, search for drivers and worry about constantly debugging is simply a non-starter for me and the vast majority of users. It is really wonderful to pull a beautiful, super durable, thoughtfully crafted piece of hardware out of the box and have it do exactly what I want it to (well, most of the time; and I’m still super pissed about MagSafe going away, but it seems it may be making a comeback? :crossed_fingers:t3:).

Another thing that people miss when they talk about Apple (aside from durability) is the value retention. Some of this is definitely the prestige factor, but it’s also the reality that you can buy a 5+ year old piece of hardware and it will work nearly as well as day one. And if you’re reselling to upgrade, you can make a significant chunk of your initial investment back.


Now let me change the default maps app…

It’s funny because LDoBe’s first post was something about Apple users being silly about brand loyalty, and then his second post was him being silly about brand loyalty. I look across my desk and see hardware and software made by a very large number of companies and I imagine most are the same.