Irate woman at McDonald's fined $387 for Karen behavior

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America’s No. 1 export: Karens.


Karens occur naturally everywhere there are service people to abuse. This one isn’t America’s fault.


Home-grown Australian Kerrin.


I’ll bet she was wearing a mask though compared to the Karenus Americanus species


Even if you enjoy being an asshole, or even if your complaint is legitimate, how stupid do you have to be to piss off a teenager that’s preparing your food out of your sight?


I’m not even going to try to watch the video. Those humans create nothing but mental toxic waste, and my dosimeter badge is already turning red from being exposed to too many Karens here in America.


The shark!
Over it Karen has jumped.



They are embolden by the business mantra “The customer is always right” while failing to equip the front line with tools to deal with outright abuse.

Equipping the front line staff with the ability to soft bar a customer will yield dividends for all affected parties. “I’m sorry, you will have to take that up with my manager, here is his card.” The more enlighten managers will allow employees a one-time ability to “fire” a problematic customer, and to make sure that one time really counts.


i worked as a prep cook and delivery guy at a pizza place when i first moved to estes park. we never used “hygiene retaliation” but the staff often wondered about the strategy of abusing food handlers.

one evening a couple got so abusive with the waitress that the owner came out and tok a polaroid of the couple. when he asked what that was for, the owner told him “i’m going to have this taped up by the register. if either of you ever come back i’m instructing the staff to call the police and have you arrested for trespassing. now, get up and get out and don’t ever come back.”


To be fair, if true 20 minutes is a pretty long time for Micky Ds


When I worked retail, we had quite a rogues gallery of Do Not Serve photos.

Sometimes, “Let me check in the back to see if we have what you’re looking for” really means “Let me check in the back if you look like one of them or if you are a fresh asshole to add to the gallery.”


I am guessing that she may have increased the saliva content of her meal - maybe by a lot.


Does not translate to that level of verbal abuse.

Go ask for the manager and complain to them if you feel the team isn’t focused on delivering food or whatever (I’ve seen the culture trend that way on slow shifts elsewhere, _including my own history), but you don’t go yell at the whole restaurant, and you especially don’t need to be abusive about it.


I would make it more like a challenge in American football. If you’re not familiar with that, basically NFL coaches get two challenges per game to use on plays where they think the officials got it wrong. If a coach challenges twice and win them both (the call is overturned) they get a third. If they lose a challenge, they also lose a time out.

Let employees “challenge” problematic customers. If the manager agrees that the challenge was appropriate, the employee keeps that challenge. The employees are still limited in how many challenges they get in a certain time period, but it scales with the number of asshole customers they encounter.


Yeah, the selling point for McDs is that it is mediocre* food served quickly.

*not good and not terrible.

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You can’t lay this particular example at USia’s feet, but this country has pioneered both unionbusting and fast food, which make the perfect agar for petri dishes to grow karens.


I would not trust that claim. In my experience such customers have a very warped sense of time, or maybe they are dense enough time stops in their centre…

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According to my son, who works in a supermarket Karens come in all shapes and sizes and genders.


I wasn’t saying she was not acting like an asshole about it It is just that in micky ds, that is a lot of time.