Woman has a meltdown over kebabs


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Yes in America we get it right the first time.

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Walking through doors… in America, you get it right the first time, ok?


Wow, she’s a class act.


Darn, I thought that was part of the joke. Still funny this way too.



it was part of the joke :slight_smile:


I’m so glad I’m a Brit in the States sometimes and can roll my eyes and say “bloody yanks”… oh, wait… D’oh spoke too soon.


She should “put her fookin’ mouth shut”.


I think she’s done enough here to be referred to as “Angry Mom” not the less distinctive “the angry mom”.


I think we just found Trump’s running mate!


Or next wife.


Who does she think she is? Red peppers are an extra 50c a pound. Entitled much?


Poor woman is stuck with herself for the rest of her life.


Who are these people that don’t intervene and tell her to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out? At the very least, you’d get a free meal out of it…


It’s been awhile since I worked restaurant service, but when I did honestly I’d prefer the other customers not get involved. Last thing I wanted was people getting into an actual fight.


red or green, they taste the same


Does the restaurant even HAVE red peppers available as an option?

Something about the repetition of “the customer is always right” but not “you agreed to this when I ordered it” makes me think she barked her order and never heard whether or not it was even in the realm of possibility.

Does she go to Taco Bell and insist on a Big Mac?


“My kids don’t eat green things,” Um, okay…


Interesting perspective… I don’t think I could have held my tongue in that scenario. Shit like that is not only awful for the staff, it ruins the meal for all the other customers. (I’m not saying get in her face; she could be effectively humiliated while I remain in the non-combative seated position.)