Is there anything positive to say about Trump's presidency?

Not sarcastic ‘I’m positive we will be doing the Nazi salute soon.’ I am not happy about what we have. I just want to know if there’s anything not horrible that can be pulled from this.

I know. God knows I know. This is not a trump friendly crowd because trump has done a lot to make us feel unwelcome in ‘his’ america. I’m just self aware enough to know if I focus on the easy horrible I’m going to be an asshole of a person to everyone. I’m sure I am not alone here.

So, anything we /know/ is good, not ‘what the guy that stumbles over his words in the press booth has said will be good.’ What is happening and we know is a positive.

Y’know just to consolidate what few thins we can agree on all of it going here?

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Maybe it will spawn a “Made in America” type awareness?


Trump backed us out of the TPP. That’s good, right?


One positive: We finally get to know what relatives, friends, and acquaintances really think and get closer to knowing what kind of people they really are.


Possibly for China, yes.


He’s doing a better job of lighting a fire under young progressives than either Hillary or Bernie did. Even those who were jaded about politics are now realizing how huge the difference between Republicans and Democrats really is, and how much one guy and his administration can destroy their lives.


It’s a case of “I think I’m getting the Fear.” (Hunter Thompson)

Man, I love quoting him!


I’m giving him the same chance I’d have given Hillary Clinton… given President Trump’s cabinet appointments, though, I am prepared for the worst.


We will all be getting spiffy new Hugo Boss suits uniforms soon.

Seriously though, Trump’s presidency reminds us that we need to change things ourselves, rather than sit around waiting for our elected officials to do it for us. Hillary Clinton would have been another neoliberal like Obama, sometimes progressive, sometimes not. If she were to do something less than progressive, like Obama has throughout his presidency, the left wouldn’t criticize her because it would look bad and because we’re on the same team and whatever. On the other hand, Trump is far from progressive and will try to undo everything Obama has done. The Democrats won’t fight him because they don’t fight anyone. It will be up to the truly progressive citizens to fight him, and in doing so we will take back our movement.


Trump’s presidency has done a great job at opening my eyes at the fragility of US democracy and the depth of the risks it faces. It’s also done a great job of making me comfortable with using the term ‘fascism’ to describe US political events for the first time.


Depends entirely on what he replaces it with, I’d think. Or if we just end up with China’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership instead.


Something positive to say… hmmm…

At least racists, classists, and misogynists will have government representation.


Hey, at least he’s not an actual jackal with rabies, did you think about that?


Remember, not all fascists are Nazi, or even outright racist. Good people, or at least people that wish to do good and mean for the best, can follow that ideology and be blind to what it truely means for its ultimate conclusion.

Having to come to terms with the fact my stepdad is a fascist and either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care, and for all his faults he can be someone that will be that guy that literally will he’ll help fix a guy’s truck, give them a lift, help give them clothes, even if he keeps muttering and growling about them before during and after.

The big problem is we need to divorce fascism from Nazism when discussing things to avoid God winning ourselves.


There’s hope for this administration yet. These things are an abomination.


It’s a geek parlor trick someone monitized. I’m surprised trump isn’t appplaudi it as proof people can make their own market niches.


At least it’s not Cruz? …except I’m not 100% sure anymore whether that is a positive.


As far as we know he is not an evil reptilian alien sent to enslave us all.


The problem I have with dippin’ dots is that there’s no chunks of anything. Half the fun of ice cream is finding chunks of stuff – whatever you like – mixed in. Plain chunkless ice cream is for total losers. Yes that includes all of soft serve. Suck it, America.


But they’re the ice cream of the future!