Island from Fyre Festival promo video is now for sale

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I appreciate the needle-threading required here: “The one from the video, not the actual location of the said shitshow.”


What is the highest point of elevation on said island?

“With over 90 feet of elevation…”

Hmmm. I think this could be the ideal place to exile Trump and his clan. But that’s just me spitballing.


So they’ll have the entire island now, but in a few years they will only have like five square feet between them?


I might have expected the director of the original promo video and the models featured therein to get some business billing themselves as such.

Ah, but see, they say that global warming isn’t real. It’s fake temperature. So they’ll still have an island, and he can finish out his days writing his memoirs, relaxing in the sun.

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Not once owned by Pablo Escobar

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