Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on corruption charges

He’s the first one where I’ve made the statement. The sharp rise in antisemitic incidents in the US over his time in office might be coincidence.

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It’ll be a sweet day when Trump’s indictment, trial, verdict and sentence are fired off in succession.

The diaspora isnt just the US. Admittedly that’s the highest percentage but tracking motive for violence against Jews in the US over decades and a provable link to any uptake during Netanyahu’s administration linked to that specific cause would honestly surprise me.

The numbers we have come from FBI statistics and while one can cherry pick certain periods (and inevitably blame them on a fashionable political cause of the day) over longer periods of time time they tend to be pretty consistent. The sad part is we keep “winning” the FBI statistics no matter what happens in the world.

Not to mention Palestinians.

Oh, right, I forgot. Why mention making things better for Palestinians, which Netanyahu’s irresponsibly provocative policies clearly have not.


Even if he’s out of power now, he has likely done lasting damage to the peace process and any hope for the two state solution. At this point, it’s going to have to be completely going back to the drawing board, and it’s going to be someone else who acts as a mediator, because the US most certainly won’t be trusted by at least the Palestinians any more.


In the US the ADL also documents incidents, but it is hard to distinguish incidents related to Bibi’s hardline policies towards the Palestinians and more traditional rightwing terrorism.

I know there’s a certain fraction of the diasporic community, especially Charedim in the US and Europe, who think that Bibi and his policies are the best thing since sliced bread. The thing is, sliced bread isn’t all that good.

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ADL tends to focus on short time frames which is exactly why I pointed out that the longer view of the FBI data doesnt show the increase claimed. It just isnt possible to prove the causality you asserted earlier.

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