It doesn't even look like Yaccarino is trying

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It’s almost impossible to have your direct report be your boss at the same time and have any kind of say or control," she says. “That’s just not the way hierarchy works.”

Yeah, I had this at the last company I worked. I was put in charge of a massive program directly by our CQO, but one of my direct reports in the project was my boss. It was terrible, although mainly because we already had a bad working relationship. Why didn’t she get the job? They wanted to get rid of her but there were all sorts of concerns of how it would look, so they just kept giving her less and less responsibility. When I left that place, she was in charge of one leader who had 12 people under them…which is not really a position that needs to exist.


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Are the accounts he is re-xhiting even real? Or are they his own aliases?


Yaccarino has the title of CEO, but a goat made of straw could have fulfilled the role just as well.


So you’re suggesting she’s some kind of (land)scape-goat?


Perhaps a Wicker Ma’am?


On another note: How does Elon find all these anti-semites to retweet? The assholes he shares have no following and Musk seems to be SEEKING OUT their bullshit.

He may be searching for things, and I think its algorithms are putting it on his plate. (And other people’s.)

It’s clear they don’t give a fuck about moderation stopping it.


Why should she exert herself? She has the CEO position and salary; she can say all kinds of nonsense on the record in deafening dissonance with what is actually happening; it’s all a fully-functioning machine. Nothing to see here. Say one thing, do the opposite is a complete ethos in itself. It sure isn’t new in the corporate world.


If she’s looking to retire off of this, then she’s set. She doesn’t have to do anything except wait for Musk to (inevitably) fire her. She can then move to the Caymans or something.

If she’s looking to work after Musk, though, she’s just limiting herself to other hate platforms like Truth, Newsmax, Fox, and Facebook.


Hold on… what!?
Discrimination needs to stop. Do you mean to indicate that discrimination is happening now and therefore needs to stop happening?

And “Discrimination” is such a strange choice of words. Is X than saying they are denying employment, housing or other to a protected class?

This statement is toothless nonsense.


What exactly is wrong with you when you’re the richest man in the world and you still feel the need to seek the approval of asshats with usernames like BasedAntiCuck1488 by retweeting their vilest fantasies and adding “Right on!”?

Is he afraid that, if he seeks the approval of anyone who isn’t a rage-filled loser with a head full of bullshit, he won’t get it and that will call all his achievements into question?


Going into this job she had to know the only thing she could accomplish is cashing her paycheck. I assume she’s been managing to do that so far. The idea that there was any more thought behind taking that job is naive.


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Definitely some phew-mer.

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I see that line going up in the picture, and wonder in what language

Neagje Scùal hesss

means “Nazi approval rate”

At this point I’m waiting for her to discover that somewhere in the fine print of her contract it says that she agrees to bear a couple of kids for him.


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Well, some sort of goat. And to be clear, not all goats are routinely burned to the ground all the time. Just some goats, some times.


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