It's a BoingBoing Conspiracy!


Does it matter to you if you live nowhere near Des Moines?


Mm-hm. Not at all suspicious.

What if zombies are real, but they've managed to blend into the rest of the population?



OMG, the last one is the best one somehow, cause dude’s just walking along with (what I assume is) an RPG on his shoulder, NBD!



What if the banana posts are all a part of the Chiquita conspiracy, and Cory is just a shill for Big Musa. Just look at it!


How do YOU carry your RPG?!?


[goes back to check for affiliate links]


Dare I mention the conspiracy that shall not be mentioned (cough) VB (/cough)


Without my cellphone in my face? I imagine if I ever used one, it would be something like this…


Oh. I was envisioning something more along the lines of a Chanel bag. But, as your gif demonstrates, being in the field and able to look up is not a bad idea.


What if this is some sort of comment-farming initiative?


What if this thread is part of the conspiracy, and even I don’t know that I’m in on it?


The best conspiracy is one that absorbs the theorists without their knowing.

.gif BANK for the BBS

Well then, they’ve already won.


.gif BANK for the BBS

When we were around 4K somebody found a thread about “what happens when we reach 1K comments?” 4 or five people had to automate comment posting to get that far.

#amateur hour



It’s a penspiracy!