"It's a Fine Day" is a cursed Japanese Kleenex commercial

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Wow. That’s just uh… hmm…

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Now that I’ve watched that, which one of them is going to crawl out of one of my screens and kill me to death within 24 hours?


I’ve got bad news for you, and good news for you.
The bad news: both of them.
The good news: They’re only going to kill you half to death. Each.
But don’t worry, it’s going to be a fine day tomorrow.


Hey! You found the commercial I did when I was little!

No, not dead. Only on the inside. I mean, to be expected… I work for a corporation now.

Vocal from Opus III “It’s a Fine Day” (Accapella Version)


I was just coming to post the same!

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Re-used in this fine track:

Kirsty Hawkshaw, the singer of the Opus III version, plays the housewife (the Orbital brothers’ mother).


I kind of like it. And that’s a fine young ogre you got there. Its seldom that you even see any around here. I think Kleenex should put him on their boxes like they do with all the nice pastel flowers or other goofy things that make you happy to blow your nose.

yup, that.

It’s the original original Jane version in the ad


Its dumb that people call everything that is somewhat weird and unsetteling “Cursed”. That word loses all of its meaning that way.

Totally agree.

This advert is cursed though.

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…what about the frogurt?

Well today I learned. Thanks.

Except they were all proven false. It’s just another urban legend, Japan has just as many of them as the US does. The actress in the commercial is Keiko Matsuzaka, who is still actively acting in Japan.

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