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How do bluetooth earbuds compare, in general, to wired earbuds in terms of durability?

I use my phone both for listening to podcasts while I work (forestry; outdoor, dirty, etc; very rough on gear) and also for audio GPS on the bike.

I’ve tried many brands of earbuds; the ones I currently use [1] seem much more durable than most, but I still end up having to replace them every couple of months (the wires go dodgy such that the audio drops out unless you hold the cable just right; utterly useless for me).

Limiting factors are:

  • Must have good physical noise blocking; as mentioned, I use them for GPS on the motorbike, so they need to block out wind noise to a similar degree to my normal riding earplugs, and

  • Must be cheap. I’m on a very limited income, and I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on anything.

Since the wires appear to be the main point of failure, getting rid of them seems a good idea. But given the rate at which I destroy normal earbuds, I’m worried that any Bluetooth buds I buy will be dead within days of purchase.

[1] Audio-technica ATH-CKL202

Good point, but as a pedant I feel I ought to say that it was not the preposition at the end of the sentence that was the problem, it was the one in the middle. Your substitution of ‘with’ with ‘when’ to reformulate the sentence was a perfect resolution.

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I haven’t had mine long enough to know, but I can tell you this: my main problem was that the cord going between the phone and earbuds would get caught on things like tree branches, and more often than not I’d rip the cable out of the buds as it was ripped out of my ear.

Yeah. I used to go through earbuds like crazy but it was always due to the cords catching on things as I moved about. My wireless earbuds stay in place and I only have to tap my ear to start and stop whatever I am listening to. Well worth it.

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For just $9.99 we’ll sell you the high visibility tether accessory. Simply attach one end to the earbuds and the other to the synced playing device (for convenient grouping) and you’ll enjoy the full benefits of conspicuous listening.



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