It's easier to ignore people with wireless earbuds in

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It’s true. I ignore people with wireless earbuds in all the time. very easy


People with wireless earbuds in also ignore cars.


It’s easier to ignore people with wireless earbuds in

It’s easier to tell someone to piss off than to spend $30 bux


Not for me.
I’d pay $30 right now to never have to tell anyone to piss off ever again.


Welp, I look at it like this:
It takes about 1 sec. to say piss off.
That cost’s me lets say a penny (Time is money ya know)

3000 penny’s in $30 dollars

Still come’s out cheaper to say piss off :sweat_smile:

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Cheaper is better isn’t my metric.


Yeah - took me a while to parse that the intended way too. Syntax, punctuation, grammar, all help avoid ambiguity when used correctly. Problem is if you don’t see the ambiguity to start with…

With wireless earbuds in, it is easier to ignore people.
It is easier to ignore people if you have wireless earbuds in

Anyway … this implies that it easier to ignore people if you have wireless earbuds than wired ones. How does that work? That’s what I really need explained.

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I have a pair of wireless earbuds and they are not visible when my hair is down. So I do end up unintentionally ignoring more people because they don’t know that I can’t hear them.


This is a good example of why people still teach that ending a sentence with a preposition is poor form.
“it’s easier to ignore people when you wear wireless earbuds.”


We have a regular library patron who has a Bluetooth earbud for his phone. He also sometimes talks to nonexistent people. It’s hard to tell which is which sometimes, because he is almost always talking to someone. We also have a library policy that cell phone calls should be taken outside the building; do we ask him to leave for his phone call, and take his invisible friend with him?


I dont need any help ignoring people, I do that very well already.

Come to think of it, I do pretty well with being ignored, too! If there were ways to shape that gradient, it would be better, like getting ignored by TSA agents and police cars, but not so much by older cute nerdy women. Yeah, I’d pay thirty bucks for that.


Usually, once.


Ohh this is fun!
What is that metric? Falsely ignoring someone. To not acknowledge them?


The magnetic coupler/bluetooth switch is an interesting feature.

How is that ignoring thing working for me?
With you, so far, not so well.
I’ll have to redouble my efforts.

earbuds, any, are excellent way to be left the f… alone…all the money raisers ignore me…!!

Riding a Tokyo train this weekend, the old lady beside me pointed out we had the same brand of backpack. 80+ old and on her way to hike up a mountain. Have I been to that mountain? She’s been to my country. etc., etc.

Uncharacteristically, I had forgotten to put in my earbuds before getting on public transport.

Characteristically, I did not want to tell a sweet little old lady to piss off and just let me read in peace.


I have a set of earbuds that cost about that much. I won’t say the brand because they’re cheap ones and because they’re not the same brand as the store link, but similar features.

I scoffed at Bluetooth earbuds. They convert the lossy audio to another lossy audio codec, which is bad, I reasoned. I bought a model of phone that I made sure had a headphone jack. Then I ripped yet another set of earbuds out of my ears while doing yardwork, and ruined another set of earbuds. See, I listen to podcasts while I’m doing stuff iike trimming limbs and cutting grass. So this time I got Bluetoothe earbuds. I figured at $30, what the heck, why not.

I’m glad I did, to be honest. Turns out you don’t need stellar quality to listen to podcasts, but the ones I got? Eh, not bad.

I feel like we need a 2017 In praise of “crap” technology refresh. I use cheap Bluetooth earbuds, a cheap set of wired Sennheisers with felt pads from a more expensive set, and am building a collection of stuff like multiple LepyLP-202x amps.