Jabba the Hutt, Bruce Wayne, John Cleese among interns praised in Trump's Economic Report of the President


This is a good point, either they got pranked, or they deliberately misused people’s names and, surely more importantly these days, used IP without permission.

I would have thought that Presidential Interns would get a background check like anyone else working in the White House. It would be odd if fake names like these made it past the Secret Service. Maybe they don’t care to look after the current incumbent?


Let’s pretend they are telling the truth and they wanted a fun intern joke. It still irritates me. White House policy papers aren’t the place to hide fun Easter Eggs and clever scavenger hunts. Your job is important, do it right.

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Well, John Cleese did make a lot business training videos.


I can’t seem to find a picture from the early version of Balance Sheet Barrier with John Cleese and Ronnie Corbett, which is a pity.


Come on, you gotta give me John Cleese as a superhero.


Bah! John Snow knows nothing!


Definitely his personal style hero.


Whoops! I probably should have googled before posting.


Ya learn something new every day!

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I guess he is good at fighting off attackers carrying fruit.


John Yaya, John Bigbooty, John Parrot, John …

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One possibility is that the person who created the document put these names in as a placeholder, intending to come back and fix them later with the real intern names.

This would happen a lot when I worked in advertising… When mocking-up a design before the content was available, you’d use dummy type. Lots of newbies think it’s funny to fill that dummy type with hilarious fake/offensive content… But it’s not hilarious when the fake stuff gets printed and the client see it… Thus the rule was NEVER use potentially offensive or funny names for ANYTHING.


This sounds exactly like what happened. And it’s easy to forget that a lot of people wouldn’t recognise those names at all.

It’s easy to forget that most people don’t read comics and for them, Star Wars was that movie everybody watched when they were a kid. A fast skim of that list without the requisite pop culture background and nothing seems too out of place.

Then when it’s out, rather than admit a mistake, they pretend they knew all along.


If Jabba was at the White House in any position then Trump would have been fed to the rancor by now. He doesn’t tolerate incompetence.


One of today’s 10,000


Oh I’d love to see him try to negotiate with Jabba. That would be hilarious.

“I am a great negotiator. I do huge deals all the time.”

Though I have a feeling there are too many foreigners in Jabba’s Palace for his taste. Say what you will about his ruthless business dealings, he knew the value of diversity.

I think Pizza the Hutt is more Trump’s speed.




Nobody else caught that Amanda Knox (“Foxy Knoxy” as the British tabloids had it) is not likely a current White House intern either?

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I’ll just leave this here.

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Might be a different and entirely real Amanda Knox.