Jack Chick religious comics are the best-selling comics of all time

Holy shit, that would be amazing, actually… done right, at least.

Although someone already started with the afformentioned Dark Dungeons:

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Isn’t it kind of disingenuous to say they are the best selling, since it’s most likely church groups or religious folks buying these in bulk to then hand out or put them out in their community? :thinking:


I have a special place in my heart for Jack Chick religious comics. They are one of the key motivators in my becoming an atheist. Their blatant deceit and evil philosophy was very impressive to me in my youth. They opened my eyes to the grotesque falsehoods that religion presents as “Truth”. Thank you, Jack Chick.


Best selling? ‘Widest distribution’ I could see, but who pays actual money for that tripe?

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Someone put a bunch through people’s letter boxes here in Bristol (UK) just last month, and people were so pissed off they called the police.


I worked in the local library in high school. One of our tasks right around closing was to walk through the stacks and pick up stray books for re-shelving. Invariably I would find a Chick tract left behind—no doubt intentionally so that someone would pick it up and read it. Instead, I collected them (partially because they were a curiosity, and partially because I didn’t want anyone else to be exposed to them). They are among the most racist, misogynist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, and anti-Catholic things I have ever seen.

Jack Chick hated—hated—anyone who didn’t subscribe to his particular brand of evangelical Protestantism. Even Halloween was evil, and the people who celebrated it were going to Hell, because it glorified Satan and demons.

I can only hope that there’s a special room in Hell for Jack Chick.


Oh, man. I wish there were a Chick Tract with this plot.


It needs to be done. Bonus points if it has a Christian socialist or Christian anarchist point of view.


I’m quite happy imagining him in the general population with the sinners.


Ah, who can forget Dark Dungeons? “Debbie, your cleric has been raised to the 8th level. I think it’s time that you learn how to really cast spells.”


Already answered.


On personal privilege, I’ll just note that my AVI has the tricycle guillotine used to execute people not wearing the mark of the beast in “The Beast”


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I remember the band Firewater had a chick track that came with their CD. It was about them selling their souls for fame. It was a nice, unexpected surprise.

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I went looking for this and didn’t find it, but I did find this awesome parody site with spot-on tracts such as “The Real Reasons Revealed Why the Bible is Literally True” (answer: evil) and “Truth of the Epic Battle Between Science and God” (truth: god wants you ignorant).

I’ve always wanted to print up copies of stuff like this to leave around. If anyone has leads on other parody tracts I’m all ears.



Yeah but it does bear drilling down into. This is the reason why far right books, the Bible, and shit like this don’t make the NYT bestseller list. It’s not a liberal conspiracy, it’s simply that bulk buying precludes a position in the charts. For obvious reasons: it’s corruption. Plain and simple.

I wouldn’t call this racist piece of shit “art”, though.

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that a Christian who is not a communist/socialist or anarcho communist is probably not a Christian at all. We should maybe call those Real Existing Christians™️?

Here’s what I wrote when he died:

I think Jack Chick may be the guy who taught me to enjoy things ironically.

…okay, if I’m being perfectly honest, my love for Jack T Chick is only, like, 90% ironic. The guy hits my “weird outsider art” button hard, and I appreciate him for the same sorts of reasons I appreciate Ed Wood and Steve Ditko. (I mean, not that those guys have a lot in common with him; Steve Ditko thinks religion is immoral, and Ed Wood’s views on compassion and tolerance were diametrically opposed to Jack Chick’s.) He was also a legitimately good artist, even if his writing lacked things like plot, coherence, and logic. And basic human decency, obviously.

He was a hate-filled piece of shit, but I have to admit his work makes me smile, even if it’s usually a bemused smile accompanied by shaking my head and muttering “What the fuck?”


I don’t have it anymore (otherwise I’d scan it), but I’m almost 100% positive it was the deluxe edition of their “Ponzi Scheme” album that came in a tin. I can’t find any info on the tract or who did it though.


In one of my D&D games, I play an aarocockra paladin who passes out “chick tracts”.

"They say there’s a heaven for those that will weight;
Some say it’s better, but I say it ain’t-
I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with saints…"


I lived in a college town in SE Georgia for a couple of years and amassed a decent collection, mostly at retail, thanks to a local Christian book store. I always wanted to do my own tract on the evils of science fiction fandom (Dark Dungeons approaches that, but only tangentially). A friend of mine wanted to reprint and distribute copies of “Somebody Loves Me” with the last couple of panels excised, so it just ends when the kid dies, and no Heaven bit. If that makes printing hard, I suppose one could repeat the last panel and apply the passage of time to the pathetic little hand.

Now, someone should do a piece on Al Hartley, who started off as a ‘good girl artist’ for Timely/Marvel, and wound up as the guy who more or less turned Archie comics into an adjunct of those ghastly Spire religious comics for a while in the 70s.

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