Jack in the Box to offer $4.20 late night 'Munchie Meals' to Californians


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Plus, it doesn’t even matter what’s in the box!


Call me when there’s a 24/7 juice/smoothie bar, I’m all in then.


These guys will make fun of anything. Right now, they are playing a commercial that lampoons one of Southern California’s most cherished and popular forms of entertainment: the televised car chase. How do they dare! TV stations around here even interrupt their scheduled programs to broadcast them.



I would guess " Munchie Meals" consist of pure e.coli left over from the 90s.


If they were offering 24/7 chocolate delivery, now that I could get on board with.


This is the most ‘California’ thing ever.


Every fourth customer gets a free dose of the latest deadly E.coli strain!


Would you like some “Jack Sauce” with that?


I could be wrong, but I believe Jack in the Box’s “Munchie Meals” have always been geared to the late-night cravings of cannabis users.

Ya think? :slight_smile:



Written by someone named “Blazenhoff.” Yeah, sure. Like that’s not a hilarious pot-related (vape)pen name.


This late night deal clearly discriminates against daytime, pot smokers.


Perhaps. But I live here, so I’ll get back to you on that… not that I partake of pot.


the Scots have their munchy boxes


nope, but she gets that a lot i’m sure.


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