Jacob Wohl, ratfucker, has a no-good rotten day


The bizarre saga of failed ratfucker and banned “stockbroker” Jacob Wohl has yet one more turn.

Not only did he get no attention at his press conference, his conspirator Burkham left his fly unzipped and

his “source” was quickly identified with a quick reverse image search.


A nasty little sociopath who thinks that since other people are things he’s bright enough not go get caught.
Little shit-stain, I say to him, you ain’t that bright.


Oh, that reminds me, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard this: The stupid, it burns!



The master race indeed.


Blond wie Hitler,
schlank wie Göring,
flink wie Goebbels.

(As one of my grandfathers used to say.)


I think the thought process goes something like this:

  • My side is Righteous and I am Very Smart
  • Other people are bringing a bunch of accusations against guys on my side, but because my side is Righteous the only logical explanation is that the other side must be making those accusations up
  • If the stupid people on the other side can successfully get away with making false accusations then I, a Very Smart Person, should be able to do the same thing very easily
  • Turnabout is fair play, libtards!


Always obligatory:


So now he’s claiming she’s someone else uninvolved in his…calling it a scheme would be giving it way too much credit.

Is he just hellbent on becoming the most sued 20 year old in history?



When I was 20 I was twice as stupid, but fortunately half as enabled.


Burkman spoke to Wohl’s credibility to conduct an investigation that could credibly verify Cass’ claims, referring to Wohl as “a child prodigy who has eclipsed Mozart.”

“He can’t even open an E-Trade account,” someone yelled, referring to Wohl’s ban from futures trading.


In 2007, Burkman solicited Google to remove from search results articles carrying allegations that he solicited a young woman for sex .

And how’s that working?

Republican Strategists, Sex, MySpace, and Pride: A Heartwarming DC Tale


What took you so long, I was getting worried… :wink:


Ratfucker might be overpraising him.


Oh to have the confidence of a mediocre white dude…


This is exactly why Elementary’s Sherlock Holmes didn’t want to be associated with that private investigators’ guild.



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