Jamie Lee Curtis in Orc makeup, discusses Clinton's candidacy


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The key difference being that only one of those costumes portrays a real troll.


I need Clinton to force Obama’s hand to pardon Snowden and Chelsea Manning.

Until then I am finished with our machine that de facto-pardons the powerful while burying, terrorizes, or exiles its vulnerable critics.

Until then I want a contested DNC.

/Chewbacca mask


And on that day, Satan will be skating to work.

Jamie Lee Curtis in Orc makeup, discusses Clinton’s candidacy
Way to make a mockery of politics, Jamie Lee Curtis!*   * Trump 2016!


She is right about at least one of those two statements…

So did she just dress up on her own, or was hired to promote?


I was curious too, so I checked it out; she was just there with her kid (who plays the game) to have fun. And this happened:

(I tried to just put the video in, but I didn’t try real hard, so click the link, obvs)



Well, shaman her for not endorsing Bernie.


she plays WoW, and has attended comicon in costume in the past. i’m sure she did this of her own volition, and it’s cool that she brought her son along, too. rock on, jamie lee!


Palin is from Alaska…


Jamie Lee Curtis has an amazing smile, her entire face just lights up.


If she can beat Michael Meyers, I am concerned for Mr. Trump.


some people take all night to burn the house down


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