Japan's prime minister treated to dessert in a shoe


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/07/japans-prime-minister-treate.html


I heard the main dish was filet of sole. WOCKA WOCKA! I’ll be here all week.

dodges tomatoes


Came for pictures of sand and palm trees arranged inside footwear. Disappointed to discover that we were talking about desserts instead.


You win all internets for that one!


You always want more dessert.


I made an account just so that I could comment this exact thing. My brain couldn’t handle that typo.


Grammar and spelling mistakes do not make our claim of Liberal Superiority look legitimate. Clean it up, or hand in your Marxist card, pal.


I’m not a dessert person.


Indeed. I saw “Israeli” and “desert” and really did assume they were served a taste of the Negev.





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Clean it up, or hand in your pal!


Haha, it worked! :wink: Welcome!



Also i would not be amused by this presentation either. Just no.

Edit: Gif for emphasis on how i feel about this


Did y’all know that it’s probably “[He got] his just deserts”, and not ‘desserts’? That one left me wandering amazed, (of course i’m easily so). Turns out that a transitive verb form of “desert” once meant (circa Shakespeare) that which one was deserving of. Sooo, there can be little doubt that it was that form which was intended in this fine Boingboing headline ….little doubt!


Um… this is more what I’d expected, based upon the title:




You know what they say: if you smell chocolate everywhere you go, check your shoes.



Came to make sure wewantplates.com was mentioned. Left satisfied. Thanks.