Spreadable coffee is coming to Japan


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For the manic pixie schoolgirl on the go in all of us.


wash it down with…


Don’t unusual things like this usually come from Japan? Now I really want to know where there is a weirder place of origin.


Actually, I was just about to ask, do people in Japan read internet articles about our products and chuckle and say “Oh, America, you delightful weirdos” just like my portion of the internet tends to do to them?

“Look at this!”
“It’s an earthenware cup, so what?”
“Americans use it just for coffee
“LOL! You could literally put any liquid inside that.”
“Oh you know how they are.”
“What does the writing mean?”
“This is the best part. There’s all kinds of stuff they put on there. Most of them are little jokes about how much they love coffee and how much they are addicted to it.”
“So it’s a glass that shames you for your weaknesses.”
“I’m not kidding, this website says most Americans own DOZENS of them.”
“Oh my god those people are such freaks. I love it.”


Spreadable coffee?

All I want is for Liberté Cappuccino!


We can also use it for any hot beverage, even tea.

However, we buy our tea:

  1. Ready made,
  2. To be served ice cold, and
  3. With an imperial fuckton of sugary syrup mixed in.

If the Japanese are like the British, that alone is enough to make them think we’re crazy


My preferred method:


Please let Tommy Lee Jones do the commercials for this as well.



Rhode Island


Spreadable coffee is agreeable with my morning routine.


finally my dreams of covering myself in coffee spread every morning can be realized. thank you japan!


So it’s basically coffee-flavoured Nutella, by the look of it. Doesn’t seem that strange.


This sounds like something I might like. I’ve been into Green Mountain Creamery’s coffee yogurt for a while now.

Chobani’s coffee is awful though.


Coca Cola bottles the strongest most brutal green tea you can imagine, unsweetened, sold in vending machines in Japan. So yah.


So… just coffee flavored, because Japanese stores have almost literal fucktons (which is quite a bit) of that already. Spread wouldn’t be that much of a stretch.

Or… is it heavily caffeinated? Because then I can see the world getting behind this.


Yes, yes they do.


I’ve got some memory that this product has been around before here and that it didn’t really taste like coffee.


Are there specific things that are commonly mocked or giggled about?