Spreadable coffee is coming to Japan


I am gonna make a wild, off the cuff hypothesis:

“They only put tomato, cheese, and pepperoni on their pizza!? Pfffft!!”


Hi, I was going to say Trump, then “U.S. XL sizes are Japanese 5L”, and mention that video which teaches foreigners all wrong facts about how to eat in a sushi shop. Then I googled (google.co.jp) America strange in Japanese (アメリカ おかしい). You know how Google does autocomplete. Unfortunately there is a lot more than I expected, not counting the top-trending “America is really weird lately”.

America food is strange
America state laws are strange
America courts are strange
America university scores are strange

I think the main thing people think the U.S. is strange for is guns, then car chases, and supersized portions.


I see nothing strange about that


Okay, I am the one that should see nothing odd about an octopus next to a pizza. With what appears to be a poblano pepper.

Did we just switch bodies?


Whoa… Apparently we did


This. If it’s flavoured, well it might be okay.

If it contains coffee (and thus caffeine)?
“An essential part of this nutritious breakfast”!


If anime is to believed, this will be a huge breakthrough for many sporadically tardy citizens.


Coffee and toast at the same time. If only it cleaned my teeth afterward…


Am I the only one that wants Vegemite flavored coffee with toast?



Yes. Yes you are.


You know, I bet if I moved to Japan and commuted to Australia on a frequent basis, I could make a killing.

As in the hypertension from all the salt would make a killing.


Oh, this one? Well, I guarantee nobody in America takes it seriously. But it’s a classic.

I agree that guns and car chases are very strange, and I think people who like guns are very strange. Our portions are supersized, and often ridiculous, but they’re often made to split or to take some home for later. It’s extremely common or seen as normal to take half of your dinner home with you from a restaurant.


Strong coffee and Marmite toast has always been a great morning jump start for me. One morning, I decided to stir in a dab of butter and Marmite into my coffee. Delish.

ETA: I just made a cup of Marmacoffee and now I remember why I rarely do: the salt and glutamates really dampen the coffee aroma. I figure it’s mostly the glutamates, since salted butter itself doesn’t have this problem.

Yes, I occasionally put butter in my coffee (unsalted, unless all I have is salted). Judge all you want, it’s delicious.


Potato & mayonaise pizza:



Paging @OtherMichael.


Hmm. Caffeinated Vegemite.


Potato no, Mayo mais oui!


I met a girl in undergrad who was absolutely enchanting…

Swore that vegemite was the best thing on the planet, and she missed it so much since leaving Koala-land.

Then she was sent a jar in a care package. I was allowed to taste a bite on toast.

After that I honestly had to question whether there was some sort of mental illness afoot, or if this was cultural brainwashing at work (sort of like my people and Natto…).


Okay, I hadn’t seen that before, and the first twenty, thirty seconds had me going, “well, this isn’t insane”.

Then I finished the video.

(The only thing wrong with Sunday sushi brunch is lack of mimosas. But keep the mackerel rolling)