Jason Miller, former Trump aide, sues Will Menaker of Chapo Trap House podcast over tweet


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/18/rat-face-baby-killer.html


In a battle between Jason Miller and Chapo Trap House, it’s best to root for… well, I guess Chapo. But with Injuries at a close second.


Unfortunately for Miller, truth is a defense in defamation cases.


Paging Saint Barbara!


you know, some may argue that if you don’t want “jason miller abortion pill” to be your one defining thing on the internet, it’s probably not a good idea to attempt such a frivolous lawsuit that makes random people like me immediately google “jason miller abortion pill”.

Oh, nevermind, previous point is moot, now just googling “jason miller” only returns results about how he slipped that lady an abortion pill. c’est la vie


“rat faced baby killer and Trump PR homunculus, Jason Miller, is suing my girlfriend for $100 million, cool!”




  1. a very small human or humanoid creature.

a supposed microscopic but fully formed human being from which a fetus was formerly believed to develop.


I think he’s trying to Gawker them.


Going by the description of the origin of the allegation in the chronologically first Daily Beast story, the story may be bogus (the “stripper” his ex referred to appears to deny knowing him in court records). Unfortunately, he may have a case there. But because he filed it, I now know about him and his Trumpkin ex. Any Trumpaloompas going down in flames is fine by me, but I’m less thrilled by media outlets (even one’s as terrible as Gawker) being bankrupted by disproportionate damages.




And where is Peter Thiel lurking in this?

The original story was based on filed court documents. If Katherine Krueger was careful to reference those documents for all statements, then the homunculus can go fish.


But his rat face speaks for itself.


And how exactly would that shitstain’s mental well-being and perceived reputation be worth ONE HUNDRED MILLION THOUSAND DOLLARS?
Riddle me this.


First, she was lovely as a young lady… second, her pits are not shaved! Wow, that’s kind of cool.


I noticed that too. Oh, Barbra!


I know, right?

Also, AFP!

A bit off topic, but one thing that always bothered me about The Walking Dead (or pretty much any dystopian show) is that the women still keep up with this kind of grooming (shaving legs, pits, wearing make up, nicely done up hair, etc). Like, civilization goes to shit, and they honestly think WOMEN ARE GOING TO SHAVE THEIR PITS AND LEGS!!!? I mean, what?


Gotta keep the well-trained het-male lizard brains in the audience um, titilated.


Given Trump’s lifelong track record of doing business only with the worst people and otherwise behaving badly, this idiocy is newsworthy why?


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