Jeb Bush clarifies which ethnicity sends anchor babies

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He’s the smart Bush, you know.


“I’m really only qualified to make dog whistle racist comments in front of people that get it. Clearly here with the liberal media, I have to contort myself around the issue while at the same time acting like I didn’t say what I said.
Thanks, Obama.”


Jeb ended his remarks by saying “Alright, are there any other minorities we haven’t pissed on yet? If we missed you, just raise your hand and we’ll denigrate you momentarily”


let’s scapegoat another small minority group who aren’t present and just to show how stupid you can be why don’t you do it in two languages. good job. democrats thank you.

His running for office would indicate otherwise.

I wonder what Columba thinks of all his racist shitheadery. Probably a-ok in the serving of their family’s needs.

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Try as they might Jeb Bush and Donald Trump still can’t top the hypocrisy of Bobby Jindal, at least on immgration.

Bush and Trump are pushing anti-immigrant rhetoric after marrying immigrants themselves (twice, in Trump’s case). Jindal is spouting off about ending birthright citizenship even though he himself is a so-called "anchor baby."


Did Jeb specify how many Asian babies would be needed for a proper anchor? They don’t weigh that much. Most boats would just drag them along the bottom.


I thought that was supposed to be Neil, but he has that little S & L problem.

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Not by themselves, but you also have to take into account that they’ve been shackled with the heavy burden of cultural expectations.


Holy Crap! Another idiot Bush, just what the GOP needed.

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I have no idea what her personal position is, and don’t wish to imply otherwise; but it’s not as though Latin America hasn’t developed a variety of (by American standards really pretty intricate) ethnic, linguistic, and national caste systems; so she must be at least familiar with the concept of what Jeb! is up to, whether or not she likes it, agrees with it merely as a pragmatic tactic, or is actively unhappy about it.

For another Republican to complain about the other side “taking comments out of context” in order to “unfairly” attack them is just one more example, I suppose, of their amazing capacity for projection. Conservative thought and strategy are ALL ABOUT ignoring context.


With minorities rapidly becoming the majority alienating yet another group seems like political suicide.

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You’d think so, but somehow they’ve managed to stay politically relevant even though women have made up the majority of eligible voters in the U.S. for 95 years now.


You are a fool if you vote Republican if you are not an old white male.

//old white male
//does 46 count as “old”?


But of course. Having lived in Fl, usually it’s the Cuban voting block who disapprove of the Mexican guest workers and try to vastly restrict immigration to Central and South Americans.

Young people enjoy this form of hate too.

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He’s the smart Republican.

I see. Mexican good. Asian bad.

Good grief!