Jed Clampett for President: what he thinks of the other candidates


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He gets my vote!


I’m holding out for Hathaway-Drysdale, the perfect combination.

Sadly I know that Nancy Kulp did run for office, and Buddy Ebsen made a commercial criticizing her.


Jed’s great, but I’m still going to have to give my vote to Pat Paulsen. “I’ve upped my standards. Up yours!” You can’t beat that as a campaign slogan.


My mother-in-law owns Nancy Kulp’s former home in LA. Boing Boing had its office there, back in the zine days.


To be fair, the quotes sounded in my head like Dubbya was back on the campaign trail. Oops…just did a simultaneous mini-vomit/shart at that thought.


How about this:


I saw Yeb’s yogo and thought it needed fixin


Giggles from beyond the grave. Thanks again Buddy.


Why the hell do these hillbillies keep voting Republican?


Nice looking ranch-style place, but there are too many houses, too close to each other for my liking. It might be a little difficult to get from the front door to the pool, if I can believe ‘Street View’, the floor of the house is made of stars…


I’m going with this guy:


More on Rick Santorum from Jed: “He’s lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.”


No pool. Must’ve been another one of her houses…


Pour sand out of a boot? - That’s the bowdlerized version - I always heard p*ss.


Considering the Clampett’s were from Silver Dollar City, Missouri (now an amusement park outside Branson), he probably would love the Bush clan.


[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:59793”][On Donald Trump] “Bein’ with him is about as much fun as watching ice melt.”[/quote]Really, not being fun is far from the first accusation I’d think would be leveled at him.

I hear the spring thaw of the St. Lawrence can actually be pretty spectacular. But Jed wouldn’t know about that.


When I was a kid we used to watch The Beverly Hillbillies faithfully, and I could swear there was an episode where somebody was campaigning for something and Jed was actually coming up with campaign slogans based on ones used historically. One that stuck in my mind was “Talk low and carry a big stick, don’t change horses in the middle of the crick.”


Speaking of politics…

Bernie Sanders is coming to Colorado this Saturday.

You can RSVP here:

Despite the fact that quite a lot of media (including Boing Boing lately) won’t cover Bernie Sanders and have barely covered his campaign coming to Colorado, I’m already hearing reports of well over 5,000 people who have made an RSVP so far and it’s only Tuesday. That’s the power of grassroots, word-of-mouth, people-power over corporate money.

I think it’s time to get those numbers up to 8,000-10,000 or higher and really make the status quo crap themselves. It’s time to destroy the myth that Bernie Sanders can’t win.


It’s time to stop simply complaining about how things are and start acting.