Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer parent company of 'extortion and blackmail' over dick pics




That’s cause it was hilarious. Aliens with the president, Jake the Alligator Man, Bat Boy, etc. Just a bunch of crazy that was entertaining.
Ed Anger was like a perfect satire of right wing loons at the time. Now it would read just like one :frowning_face:


I used to wonder if Mykel Board was the ghostwriter.


Back when I had a cheap subscription to Smithsonian they did an article on the WWN. They had some really good writers and paid them well because well how do explain that on your resume.


Predominantly older white women. The only people I know who buy it are over 65. Similar thing with the rest of their portfolio. And with a slightly lower age bracket for the “respectable” celebrity mags like People and Us.

And you can see that in what they tend to cover. All of the celebrities they regularly obsess over are dead or over 70. Still obsessing over who killed Natalie Would, scandalous coverage of Jacky-O. Lot of Burt Reynalds coverage. I’m in a supermarket now and The National Examiner has a tell all about Andy Griffith.

The glossy “real” magazines are primarily concerned with Brangelina, reality TV stars that were most popular 15 years ago and soap operas.

Was a very different thing. Even if it spent time owned by AMI. Very little in the way of celebrity gossip, and they were more focused on strange claims, UFOs and raw weirdness. Basically a an over the top parody of an earlier era in Tabloids. And from what I understand they effectively ran it as a comedy magazine.

Loved that thing. I remember they had crazy celebrity gossip style coverage of Sadam Hussein. Even after he died, “Saddam Finds Love in Hell” type headlines. When they dipped in to celebrity stuff it was always completely bonkers like that.


I know a decent number of comedians and comedy writers. Most of the older ones spent at least some time working for WWW. And I even applied myself after college.

Many of the younger ones seem to have spent time time writing for The WWE. And a weird number for Fox News.


The fact that this probably violated the nonprosecution agreement they had with SDNY will most likely make this particular fantasy into a reality. It specifies that is they commit any crime in the next 3 years (from signing of agreement) that any statements they made, including those involving admissions of guilt, are open to prosecution. May explain why Pecker was apoplectic over Bezos’ investigation of the whole mess. I think he (Pecker) may have hooked a fish too big for him to land and will go down due to that error.


I can see some reasons that someone in Bezo’s position may not want to deal with the FBI in this situation.

  1. Simple spite. He’s a powerful person who is angry. That can lead to some aggressive reactions.
  2. The FBI is slow and inconvenient. Just the process of dealing with them may not have been worth the trouble.
  3. The FBI is at least somewhat under the direct control of a friend of the entity trying to extort him.
  4. This is a perfect opportunity to send a message to anyone else who might try the same thing in the future. He’s at amazingly low risk from exposure, this time, and just showed a willingness to come out guns blazing which might dissuade future extortion.


Broadly I agree that outlets choose not to show the truth to protect America’s self image, but they show enough to have plausible deniability. CNN, Axios, and Vice have all published images of dead and wounded Yemeni children. CNN only showed coffins and starving children, but that is part of a broader policy of how to handle traumatic death, rather than something restricted to US killings.




Oh right, never call the cops!


Ah… disappointment policing


I believe that the traditional response is, “Publish and be damned.”


It’s less a generalized don’t call the cops, but a realization that those texts got into the hands of a friend of the President somehow. Part of the allegations are that the initial text publication was politically motivated. That might give someone pause before going to an executive agency.


Getting peed on by hookers is submissive stuff though right?

That’s going to be an issue for the deplorables.

All the rapey things are the big strong man taking what he wants. They approve.


In the end, it’s the kink shaming that wins with that crowd. They must be real damned ashamed of theirs.


The story was he had the women pee on the bed because Obama had stayed in the room. Not that they peed on him.

And if you’ve ever run through right wing discussion boards. Submissive sex shit runs deep with that crowd.


E.g. using “cuck” as an insult? Whenever someone breaks that word out all I can think is, “You must think about cuckolding a lot, don’t you?”


Yes. But the insult isn’t the half of it. It’s not hard to find right wing discussions that rapidly devolve into “dear penthouse” level sexual fantasy. Usually of the cuckold or pedo/incest sort.

It’s fucking creepy. I’ve largely stopped keeping an eye on places like Stormfront and right wing subreddits, and work by people covering these creeps (like We Hunted the Mammoth). It’s just depressing and weird after a while.


I think BB re-posted PornHub stats in the last year that tied a majority of their cuck watchers to red states.