Jeff Flake slams Trump: "An American president who can't take charting a very dangerous path"


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Too bad those seeking re-election can’t do the same.

Yes they can, they’re just cowards trying to hold onto their base and jobs.


Jeff, you’re no flake. But you’ve been a consistently under achiever in the realm of voting for the good of the USA.


Wow, Sen. Jeff Flake had some powerful words to say against Donald Drumpf

His words are great. His actions are GOP business as usual.

Facta non verba, Senator.


Uh… so… 2020?

Booker v. Flake (?)


Lets start the timer for Trump attacking Flake on Twitter.


But this horse’s ass still tows the party line and votes ‘trump’ every time. He is preparing for 2018, that’s all.


There’s a good number of republicans that have been retiring from politics altogether or just not seeing re-election, yet while still in their positions they do not go against party line or Trump. As far as i’m concerned they’re all greatly damaging the country and its politics for not dissenting against Trump and his racist and pro-corporate agenda. I would love to share harsher words on them but i’m sure you can read between the lines.


Regardless of Flake’s words, it seems that Trump simply echoes the same sentiments of many white male corporate executives and shareholders who exhibit more shrewdness by not proclaiming their intimate beliefs to the public.
It’s not like his beliefs are unique in corporate U.S., it’s that he can’t keep his mouth shut.


Can’t say I disagreed with anything he said.


All talk, no action. Vote for Net Neutrality. Vote for DACA. Vote against a Trump nominee. Then talk.


That wasn’t the purpose of his speech, though.


I think the comment still has a point, Flake is criticizing Trump but what has he done? Besides this speech has he shown to be a person with a backbone? The answer is a resounding no, and as such he’s a damn coward and hypocrite in my eyes. His voting record shows to be in line with the presidents wishes.


Considering few others are calling out his anti-press rhetoric, which is being repeated by people both here and abroad, I’ll still applaud this effort, even if he later actions I still don’t agree with.




Because you don’t just decide to vote the opposite of someone you think is a jerk. Flake and Trump can agree on many policies, but disagree sharply on tactics. The speech is calling out Trump for his behavior, not government policy.

In that spirit, today you can cheer Flake on for calling out Trump’s stupid behavior. Liking what he does one time doesn’t mean you have to like him all the time or even expect a repeat performance.


Agreed. The problem is that the MSM, addicted as it is to superficial words, is taking the occasion of the former to give him a pass on the latter. The words are fine and stirring and true, but ultimately they ring hollow if he’s also helping along Il Douche’s agenda.


Today I will not cheer Mr Flake. As a line towing disciple of trump his hollow words mean nothing except to the speech writer who gets to hear them on CSPAN adding to a portfolio of words said too late, with too little conviction and too little gives a shit.


That’s a pity. Because when you can’t acknowledge when someone you generally oppose does something you would otherwise agree with, then you reduce the chance he or others will do anything else you agree with. You are working against your own goals.

Politicians are like any other animal. They respond to positive reinforcement. And when one monkey gets a reward, the others will copy the behavior. If you refuse to ever reward a monkey/politician, then they will go find their rewards with someone else. Someone who might not share your goals.

They also respond to negative reinforcement. By all means shock the monkey when he throws poo.