Jeff Goldblum can't cook, hosts cooking show anyway

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There are people who can’t cook? Do they dress themselves? Find their way around? Fascinating.


Luckily they can’t use the internet either and won’t read your charming comment.


Smørgås, not Schmørgås.

“I’m only interested in the trophy.”

I never knew about the paper bag trick. Thanks, Tony!




This is a pretty crappy comment. If you were raised in a family that didn’t have a kitchen, or even regular supplies of food, how would you learn to cook? Would you also scorn the teenager who was chased away because “Cooking is women’s work”?

Come on man, not everyone has the same learning opportunities you do.


I learned to cook by getting groceries when I was hungry and making myself some food. Dumpster dived for a lot of those meals. Got occasional recipes out of the newspaper and books until I figured it out. It’s not hard, and it’s a basic part of life, like clothing and watching out for yourself. As evidenced by the amazing flavor and variety of cuisines that come out of impoverished cultures, it’s not exactly something that is walled off for the elite. Jeff Goldblum is old enough to do better, and I’m pretty sure his “learning opportunities” are effectively unlimited.

Maybe it’s mostly an act? He is an actor…and it makes the premise for the show…

(And “can’t cook” may be relative–I mean, it could depend on who you’re comparing to…Compared to a professional chef, I can’t cook, either…)


One does wonder!


Next you’ll tell me Trump never expected to become president and he’s been ad-libbing ever since.

  1. A skill that was easy for you is not necessarily easy for others.
  2. Adaptability is a learned skill.
  3. Suffering doesn’t automatically confer motivation.
  4. Judging people for being ignorant through no fault of their own is way shitty.

I was homeless in highschool and parts of adulthood. I never cooked, and I never learned, mostly because I was ashamed of myself, and feared people looking down on me. Like what you are doing right now.

You aren’t helping, and you aren’t impressing anybody.


OK, so believe it or not, this was not his first presidential bid. Just the first time he managed to get on the ticket.

Don’t believe the hype that he won on his first try.

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I wasn’t familiar with his previous guest Jonathan Gold, so I had to look him up. He was a food critic for the Los Angeles Times, and sadly died two days ago.

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So you’re saying it’s high time Jeff Goldblum learned to cook?

Capital idea!

Maybe he could even make a show about it!


Helping who? Try not to be so sensitive. Good grief, as if taking the trouble to prepare food instead of waiting to be fed like a baby bird is some monumental task.

Ya know, there are ways to express your sentiments without being so demeaning.

But, I guess you just gotta be you.


"Earth Girls Are Cooking Is Easy"

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This does cut to the core of most cooking shows: we don’t watch to learn how to be better cooks (well, we do, but that’s not the point!), we watch to be entertained. And watching a quirky beginner making mistakes can be just as entertaining as watching Jamie Oliver be a reckless slob whilst cooking. Or listening to the late, great Anthony Bourdain talk about some unassuming place as actually having great food.

And yes, I have friends who cannot cook. The sort of people who you used to say whose boiling water would turn out burnt. One of them actually started a blog about his cooking attempts, which is actually entertaining. Suspense! Will his attempt to make breakfast with eggs and sausage turn out? I don’t know!

Oh, and it’s JEFF GOLDBLUM. The guy most of us would watch even if he was just reading the telephone book, or so so many of us say.