Jen Psaki reflects on Trump's super effective border visits

Billions. And he had to divert “precious” military funding to do it.


Like getting run over by a truck over and over again. Doocy should – like Facebook – consider a name change, but also disappear.

Dunking on Doocy is my favorite show.


It almost feels like he’s a plant so they get the easy layup.

When I was little, we had a squirrel who every single day would run full face first into our rec room window. He never quite got it.

Doocy makes that squirrel look like Hawking.

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Sadly we have a record number of border detentions and children are still locked up.
Nice comeback though.

I agree with this for the most part (I think that there have been some significant improvements). There’s still problems at the border and I’d like to see the left continue to hold Biden accountable.

Are there any politicians with good plans?

Are we sure he’s not some sort of ambulatory root vegetable?


Proto Triffid?


I recognize the behavior from Security 101: continually test the boundaries. All she has to do is slip up once, and say or do something that even NBC would notice, and Faux will be beating every conservative in the face with it every day until … forever.

Shit, Faux is still beating the ”Hillary lied, people died” drum even though she hasn’t held office or even been relevant for years.

If “Il Douchey” can get just one Psaki fuck-up on camera, the salary otherwise wasted feeding his dumb ass is totally worth the investment.

Hers is a much higher stress job than it looks, with much higher stakes than we think.


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