Jen Psaki tried to help Peter Doocy conquer his fear of Putin with a reframing technique

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I’m just surprised that he didn’t bring up Hillary. The gQp attacks on Biden today are just plain silly.

Fear is simply all they have.


If Doocy seeks fear of Putin he has no shorter path than to go to his network’s ugly puppet trump, who just declared that Putin was a genius for his “savvy” for “his peace-keeping mission”. Now that is fear that Putin might not make a payment on trump’s Deutsche Bank “loan”.


Faux has gone all in on building up the image ofFearsome and Invincible Putin, even as they tear down the Ancient and Doddering Biden. Murdoch is this close to going full RT.


“Golly gee those gas prices are really scary… AND unprecedented (except during the Bush years) and I can’t think of a reason why they’d be so high (a pandemic in conjunction with anti-vax idiocy prolonging the economic reboot of the country) so golly gee it must all be Biden’s weak stance on Putin…”


It’s amazing that Fox hadn’t canned his sad, ineffectual ass.

Not that I’m complaining- keep the idiot there.


He’s a nepotism hire, the son of a long-time and loyal (if equally idiotic) Murdoch family retainer. He’ll be there as long as his dad is.


Rupert turns 91 in March. Here’s hoping he dies without a will.


Fox News: Did Biden induce Putin to start a war so that higher gas prices would derail the DC trucker convoy?


He can even look closer to home with Tucker Carlson, who can’t understand why people dislike Putin

Props to @edgore for the first comment


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On the subject of fossil fuel prices … it should be shown over and over that the companies bottom line is doing just fine. Oil companies are making record profits (profit is not evil) while fleecing us during this recovery.

Additionally, why is it a group of folks who think the Gov should not be so heavily involved in the market now whine that Biden needs to do MORE! —- that is never reported enough.


I don’t understand how oil prices here would be affected that much. The US exports more oil than we import, and as an import source, Russia is pretty far down the line. Even if supplies were diverted from OPEC to Europe, we shouldn’t suffer much here.


Oil is a global market, so prices will be affected. That said, all the players in that industry are some of the greediest gougers you’ll ever meet, so the prices will always go up quickly at the slightest disruption and will only fall back down very slowly.

I’m more interested in watching the secondary effect in the forex markets.


Holy hell, yes! “Ask not what your country can do for you, etc., etc.”.


Fox not-news is claiming that TFG was a strong leader and that’s why putin didn’t pull this while he was in office. At least they’re acknowledging now, after the whole world has declared, the putin is nuts…waiting to see what tucker swanson has to say tonight.

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Gee, why would anyone think profit was evil :open_mouth:

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Putin is like budget deficits—a terrible awful horrible crisis if a Democrat is in the White House, no big deal if it’s a Republican instead


I know companies need to be profitable to be successful - the level of profit margins is problematic - especially when hidden inside of these companies are things like large bonuses, excessive payments to upper management, and corporate lavish spending.

Meanwhile - Johnny and Jane Paycheck - keep filling up their SUVs and Trucks - cursing under their breath that Joe Biden did this to them… that TFG would have saved them from the high gas prices … and that the TFG should rightly be in office.

The news media needs to share the whole story on gas prices.


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