Jenna Ellis flips from sassy Trump defender to weeping crybaby (video)

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I’m so tough until I get caught. Says everyone of them.


There’s not even a question that this instance of courtroom grovelling by an insurrectionist is insincere. She’ll be back pushing the Big Lie the moment she can get away with it.



Just like her buddy, the Kraken?
How is this legally OK?

With Mark Meadows flipping now (different case, but who can keep up?), it’s just a matter of time before trump flips on himself. Never knew the guy. Was more of just a water boy. Not even my water boy, that brown kid Nauta was my water boy. But i was the best water boy.


It may very well not be. She’s out of prison at the pleasure of the Court, and the deal could be revoked any time if she proves to be a problem. It’s baffling that as an ostensible “attorney,” she doesn’t seem to realize that having pled guilty means that she is now legally guilty, and the reduced sentence is only a courtesy, and highly contingent, because she may be useful.


The teeny, tiny optimist in me hopes the court is just giving her more rope.


Or is willing to use her as example to the others who’ve made a deal: “You think we’re fucking around? We’re NOT FUCKING AROUND.”


Just remember, that this lot believes that they can act with impunity. They don’t believe the law really applies to them or at the very least, their actions are just enough to justify breaking the law, and that sense is probably a hard to shake, even after pleading guilty.

I’m sure that Willis is not taking this lightly, though.


She can be an example and an appetizer.


Like everything else, some specifics probably matter. If she’s just saying random nonsense in public, but not actually motiving any actions, and not making these statements in court or connected to any legal cases, it might not be that bad. Cross that line though, and it’s going to be bad for her.

In a recent JACK: A Special Counsel Podcast McCabe gave an opinion about plea deals and cooperating. You should either do it and do it well, making as much good faith effort to meet all the conditions and be as helpful as possible and truthful, or you shouldn’t enter a deal at all. There’s no middle ground where you enter a deal and then poorly support your side of the deal. Poorly supporting your side of a plea deal is much more likely to get the deal dissolved because you broke the terms. At which point, you’ve already plead guilty and given all kinds of evidence against yourself. The opinion was that you are much worse off agreeing to a plea deal and not living up to it than either good faith support of the deal or no deal at all.


Is that advice for normal criminals, white collar criminals, or seemingly above the law coup/political criminals?
Maybe these plea deals and prosecutions will include actual sentences to prison, and restore my faith a bit in our justice system.


I don’t think it was qualified. It was in a podcast about the Jack Smith cases. From a former Deputy Director of the FBI. Clearly just opinion and not legal advise. But, it sounded quite reasonable. Plus logical that you do yourself more harm by agreeing to a deal and then breaking it.


Since these people are incapable of acting in good faith, we already know how this is going to shake out for them.


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