Jesus spotted in a brain scan, but the patient's doctor doesn't see it

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How ridiculous, it obviously Che Guevara.


When contacted for comment Jesus said: “Oh HA HA sorry about the emergency brain surgery guys…I just wanted to see if that machine could take my picture! Next time I’m going to try and get my face in a tumor of some child with cancer!” what a card…that Jesus, always pulling photo bombs in tragedies and toast and dogs anuses.


I thought it was Frank Zappa!

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It’s usually Frank or the Dude. But this time, maybe RMS himself has personally intervened in a freedom-loving miracle.


So Jesus caused the stroke?

Next time just make sure he fills your heart and leaves your other vital organs alone.


That’s not Jesus, it’s God.


Yes I’m sure it was a miracle and the woman’s survival had nothing to do with a skilled surgeon and support team who all have 10000 or more hours of experience and education saving people’s lives using a few hundred years’ worth of rigorous medical science and technology.

Nope had nothing to do with the people who actually saved her life. All jesus. Doctors are liars, vaccines give children autism, and universal health care is the same as a totalitarian dictatorship that leads to death panels.



Maybe it’s Hagar.


Verily. What kind of dickish divinity would give some guy a stroke just to do a rough sketch in the guy’s brain cells?

Maybe it’s the same dickish divinity who keeps telling fuckwits to run for the Republican presidential nomination.


There’s also the very real possibility that it’s Vermin Supreme.

(Thought about commenting, but it’s getting pretty angry in here.)


I will then.

It’s great that it’s the doctor’s fault not sharing their pareidolia. What’s wrong with him?!

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Not sure about the Jesus, but I think I spotted the word “pareidolia” buried in the image.


I see a cooling tower spewing water vapor.

Edit for visual:

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It’s really obviously Nien Nunb.

Really? All I see is a pre-WWI steam-powered protected cruiser with 14, 6" main gun batteries, and no torpedo belt commonly found in Post-WWI cruisers and battleships.

But maybe it’s just me.

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Also on Christian Nightmares, articles about Kim Davis and a pastor who raped some children. But let’s make fun of the person who found comfort in perceiving a meaningful symbol in noise after having a traumatic and terrifying experience, 'cause that’s the worst.

I don’t understand the obsession with ridiculing people who discover meaning in randomness. Sure, it’s not the face of Jesus any more than the face on Mars is an alien sculpture, but she doesn’t hurt anyone by seeing it there and finding comfort in it. Maybe I missed it, though, and she’s now refusing treatment or deciding to burn witches or something.


What gets my goat is all the “praise god, it’s a miracle” talk when the doctors put in all the hard hours at school and training in the field and building their skills and doing the lifesaving work. Praising god for the outcome is like attributing a football win to the team’s cheerleading squad. It’s unfair to the people who actually did the thing and devalues them and their work and skill. Why should they not get the credit they deserve, and why is jeebuz more worthy of the praise?

“Praise the lord my computer runs faster (after it was defragmented.)”

“praise the lord my car runs better (after an oil change)”

“praise the lord I survived my stroke (don’t mind the fact that immensely skilled professionals did all the work to save my life, and I would have certainly died without them.)”

Misattributing credit for your own survival when you know better is the worst.

Maybe she should take comfort in the fact that people far more skilled at medicine than a priest or the pope exist and are willing to work on people like her. After all, god put her in such a deadly situation. The surgeon and care team were the ones who got her out.


They’re holding it upside-down - that’s batman.

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